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Are you a HR or People and Culture leader looking for something a little less ‘stock standard’ and a little more outside the box to support your people? Then keep scrolling…

Family Clean Home Assistants give your people the ultimate gift, the most valuable resource towards personal growth and wellbeing – time.

Engaging a Home Assistant for your people to take care of outside distractions and pressures of everyday life, enables you to further cultivate the best environment for innovation, productivity, loyalty and positive morale – the ultimate mix for success, growth and development.

how does it work?

Package Options

Investing in time – returns BIG for talent acquisition, engagement, performance, attendance and retention.

Just like every home is different, we understand every organisation is different too. Whether it’s a benefit across the board company-wide or a tailored package for select people on your team, you can choose an option that will help…

  • Developer Dave who has a 12-month project ahead of him across different time zones. 
  • Finnegan from Finance burning the midnight oil to negotiate a successful merger. 
  • Lawyer Lena who you’re enticing from another firm.
  • Pravesh who has just welcomed his first child and is off on paternity leave.
  • Celebrate and reward a win for your entire department
  • Benefit your C-Suite.
  • Deliver a seasonal gift that won’t be forgotten in the bottom of desk drawers.

To engage our Home Assistant Corporate Wellbeing Package for your organisation or to find out a little more – simply fill out your details and we will be in touch to discuss.

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