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By Alex Watson, March 01, 2024 08:30 am

Revolutionising Wellness Beyond Work

Let’s dive into a crucial aspect of our lives often overlooked in the pursuit of success – wellness outside of the workplace.

Investing in Ourselves for Greater Impact

In our rapidly changing world, the concept of a ‘lifestyle by design’ is gaining traction. Our ability to contribute and add value to others is intertwined with our own personal growth and well-being and as we strive to support our families, aging parents, children, and those less fortunate, the starting point is investing in you. It’s about staying relevant and valuable, ensuring we’re skill-fit to solve problems for others.

The Buzz about ‘Lifestyle by Design’

Consider the time spent on mundane tasks after hours or during weekends – tasks that could easily be outsourced to home help. Whether inspired by Tim Ferris’s 4-hour workweek or the Marie Kondo philosophy of joy-driven living, adopting a ‘lifestyle design’ can free up time for what truly matters. But, is this some overrated dream? or can we turn it into a reality amid our busy lives?

A Rich Life Requires Time for Self-Improvement

From your own personal life lessons, you can understand the importance of investing time wisely. The return on swapping out manual, time-consuming work can be more time to sharpen your skills, increase your worth, and create memorable, feel good moments. However ‘busy’ translates in your day-to-day, it’s a reminder to choose a ‘lifestyle by design,’ leading and inspiring others to invest in their health and well-being – even more relevant for those of you  leading the People & Culture trains in their respective workplace.

The Price of Ignoring Self-Investment

With the average life-span of skills getting shorter and shorter, the urgency to invest in ourselves is evident. No one wants to fall behind and foot the bill with their own ignorance, our world is marked by economic uncertainty and rapid technological advances – so naturally, mental health for busy professionals is a growing concern. Employees are taking more sick days, lacking focus, and struggling with enthusiasm – and the skill of practicing wellness is no different, you have to keep it well oiled to stay in tip top shape.

Outsource for Wellness: A Family Clean Approach

At Family Clean, we propose a solution – outsourcing. Hard for the ‘I’ll do it all!” man or woman who likely used that energy to get so busy and lost in the first place… but by entrusting tasks to dedicated home help, you not only save time but also pave the way for a lifestyle that’s yours to design.

Consider a recent client review that captures the essence of our approach:

This is the Family Clean difference – and it was just three hours; a little goes a long way…

A Purpose-Driven Wellness Revolution

The decision to invest in ourselves and prioritise well-being has far-reaching effects. We all have to do things we don’t like (that’s not going to change), but by letting go of what we can, we not only show up better for ourselves but also enhance our ability to serve and uplift others. See the bigger picture yet?

Choose the path of a life well lived, we promise it’s one worth trekking.