From our family to yours

The smell of a freshly cleaned home. Extra moments for family and self-care. The order of an empty kitchen bench. We know it’s the smallest pleasures that leave the biggest mark, so we never lose sight of the tiny details. After all, it’s from little things that big things grow – and that’s how our story goes…

Family Cleaner


Our Story

Family Clean began with a little story where a young man in his twenties (Joey), saw his family lose their farming business and things fell apart.

Setting out to recreate what was lost and to bring family back together, Joey worked 12-hour night shifts in hospitality and with just a few hours of sleep under his belt (and a strooong coffee, or three), he started a small cleaning run during the day.

Driven by customer feedback and a natural energy to serve, word of this enthusiastic young cleaner quickly spread.

As Family Clean grew, the challenge that came next is the same problem we continue to solve today – finding good people who share the same service energy and genuinely want to make a difference.

Having developed a sixth sense for finding good people, the reward soon became the opportunity and deeper purpose – to lift others on their journey in the same way. With Rowena jumping on board, this small family business grew into an agency which supports people in our community who also share the same values and are grateful for the opportunity to grow with your home.

A lot has changed since Joey rang the doorbell for his first cleaning job way back when, but two decades later, the selection criteria for cleaners remains the same. Today, still family owned, we are grateful to have a diverse group of cleaners who will stand just as proudly at your front door eager to make your everyday a little bit easier.

So… who are these delightful Home Assistants?

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