Become a Home Assistant…

What if being a cleaner could be a fun and empowering experience? One that pays well and gives you a sense of purpose? That’s how we roll. We promote a positive working culture where you are valued for your service, nurtured by our team and paid generously on the service day!

Work with us

About the role…

Family Clean provides you with long-term dependable work in clients homes. If you want to help others and join a place where housekeeping is celebrated as truly meaningful work, we want to hear from you!

Many of our clients are busy families and individuals who need help to make their everyday home life a little easier. Cleaning is the heart of what we do – so nailing the basics (dusting, bathrooms and floors) is 101!

Some clients also require assistance with more than just cleaning (think pantry reorganisation, watering the plants, laundry or wrapping the Christmas gifts!).

This is why we call our cleaners ‘Home Assistants’ – to acknowledge they are far more than cleaners! We encourage and support you to use your unique superpowers and life experience to personalise your service to the individual needs of clients homes.

This means you won’t just tackle mess, you’ll also think of and identify little ways to delight clients. That might be fluffing their display cushions, filling the dogs water bowl or offering to chop the veggies for dinner.

House Cleaning Job

Who we’re looking for…


This work is suited to international students, mums who need flexible work, professionals taking a career break, those who love cleaning, organising and transforming a space and people who genuinely enjoy helping others!

People who have service backgrounds in hospitality, food delivery or retail are all highly valued. If you’re looking for a change in inconsistent or rigid rosters, slow delivery nights, low hourly rates and unpredictability from week to week, this place is for you.

Experience is not necessary – we share our two decades of knowledge and provide you with regular support. We’re looking for positive service energy and a ‘can-do, happy to help’ attitude!

How it works

Here are the perks…

Who can you expect to work with? Our brand attracts wonderful clients who genuinely value the service you offer! You get to know your clients and become part of their family. Building these relationships really is the most rewarding part of this work.


Highest hourly rates – $35/hour

(paid directly to you on the day of service)


Choose your own hours

(Mon to Sat daytime hours. Work as much or as little as you like!)


Apply to work alone or with a partner

(think friends/family)


Time off when you need

(we can cover you with a fill-in when life requires you to take a break!)


Minimum 6 month commitment

(we believe in the value of long-term relationships – you won’t see any commercial or one-time filthy bond cleaning jobs here! Clients rely on you to be dependable on a regular basis)


Ongoing support

(our dedicated Crew Care team are there to help you get started and nurture you along the way)

Sound like the job for you?

We would love to hear more about you! Tell us a little bit more about yourself, your unique superpowers and why this work would be ideal for you at the current place in your journey.

Apply to submit your details and our friendly team will be in touch within 24 hours to follow up on your application.

We can’t wait to meet you! 🙂

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    What other Home Assistants are saying about us…

    Psst… you might also want to check out more real reviews on our Google, Indeed or Seek pages.

    Meet Abi

    “I am really thankful to be a part of the crew at Family Clean. I find the work stimulating and interesting, with each day bringing its own enjoyment and challenge.

    I have really enjoyed developing my skills as a home cleaner (I now have my favourite products and cleaning techniques!).

    I genuinely love my clients and the initial meeting is always so exciting! I really love to work hard to make a difference in their week. It’s especially gratifying when a family pet recognises me too!”

    Meet Dillen

    “With my busy school schedule I was attracted to the immense flexibility FC offered. What I didn’t expect was the immense care and support new and existing crews receive, no matter their background. No other workplace I’ve been a part of has such a welcoming, supportive culture. FC is a joy to work for, and they do their best to make sure everyone feels best equipped to tackle any situation.”

    Meet Jemma and Dion

    “I’ve worked with my partner as domestic cleaners with Family Clean for the past couple of months, and I can honestly say the management is the kindest and most flexible I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. If you want a job that you can work truly to any schedule around and still earn decent money, look no further than the Family Clean team. They go above and beyond to make sure both yourself and the customers are getting the best experience possible, their care and kindness are evident in every interaction I’ve had with them thus far!”

    Meet Lauren

    “I’m so very grateful for being given a position with this company. For a really long time, I’ve wanted to have a part time job while studying full time at uni but could never find a job with such a high level of flexibility as this one. The pay is really good, and I’m treated with so much respect. Working with Family Clean has been a very pleasant and smooth experience, and I hope to be working with them for a long time!”

    Meet Tayler

    “They welcomed me with open arms and were extremely helpful, informative, and quick to respond to any questions I had! Having people who are quick to respond to any questions or concerns I may have is very important, and this same responsiveness is provided to clients as well. Family Clean is always on top of their game and ready to find new, innovative ways to best cater to their customer which is then taught to us (their crews) who deliver. It’s lovely being able to build relationships with families I clean for who trust me to do the work they want done. If you’re looking for a superb company to work for or have services done by, Family Clean is the team!”

    Meet Rafael and Ainara

    “We’ve been working with Family Clean for two weeks and it’s been such a great experience! They offer support for anything we need from before to after the job, they are always there to help! We always get messages from them asking how the jobs are going and how we are feeling about it. Very grateful for the opportunity.”

    Meet Nathan

    “I worked for Family Clean and everything they did was great. Super friendly people, super responsive and easy to talk to. Always had clients for us to work with and worked around what best fit us. When I left, everything went smoothly, they treated my leave with respect and handled much more promptly than I expected. If you are looking for cleaning work and they are recruiting, I would highly recommend giving them a go.”

    Meet Sarah

    “Working at Family Clean was the best decision I’ve made! The Mother Duck team is always on the ball, selecting clients that would match me and helping with any questions I may have. This job has given me the opportunity to make my own schedule and meet some amazing people. It’s been a great joy to bring order and peace to people’s homes and take some of those daily stresses off their shoulders. I would highly recommend this job to anyone who’s looking to make their own schedule and have the freedom of working for yourself, but have the support of an amazing team to help you through it all.”

    Meet Ella

    “I was lucky enough for Family Clean to welcome me into their family as a Home Assistant and it has changed my life in so many ways. As a previous business owner who’s business got ruined by covid, I struggled to find something that still gave me the freedom, consistency and flexibility like I had before. Family Clean has given me the ability to feel secure and happy while doing something I love, with tons of support, trust, respect and positivity! Thank you FC x”

    Meet Sonam

    “I love Family Clean. I am so glad to be a part of your team. Australia is huge, I am totally new here and already started exploring. I love this place. And the best part is being a part of Family Clean. The first job I was recommended to was Family Clean, and I am really content. You all make me feel like a family, even though I am away from home. A home away from home 🙂

    I gave my best and I am still doing the very best to help the association bring a growth on the table. Personally, I am gaining a lot too. My clients are super nice, the love and happiness I am giving them is reciprocated which is amazing.”

    Meet Susanna

    “I’m loving my work both helping out my clients and also mentoring the new crews. My life has changed so much for the better since joining family crew.

    Thanks again for asking (and caring!).”

    Meet Steph

    “I am settled in and doing very well. Love my job thank you for selecting me to be a part of your wonderful family.”