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By Alex Watson, March 01, 2024 08:33 am

Master Curators: How Family Clean Finds the Most Valuable House Cleaners in Your City

Why do so many house cleaning services suck?


Ok let’s start with our WHY – the purpose that really lights us up to jump out of bed every day 🔥

Being in service to others, to live to serve and lift people for a better quality of life ✨

Wonderful… but prove it you say? Over 700 + house cleaning reviews, the odd stuff-up should say a lot?

The ODD stuff-up…… Yup we don’t just pull house cleaners off a shelf and certainly not just anyone off the street! Our selection is literally one in a hundred.

What’s our secret sauce to be master curators of home cleaners?

Brutally honest conversations, to the point where mismatched applicants opt out. Otherwise given a gentle nudge in their right direction.

How can you find the most valuable house cleaners in your city?

First, stay away from big volume house cleaning platforms where anyone off the street can set up a profile, you’re literally the test dummy and screening and selection.

If you like to gamble you could be lucky if you roll the dice, but what’s the value of your time, energy and investment worth if you have to keep on changing and orientating new house cleaners?

What’s the VALUE of your service, not the PRICE, when one house cleaner can achieve 50% more than another in the budget you invest. Even more, when house cleaners work on tasks that are personal and more valuable to you?

So why then does service culture suck so much in Australia?

Mismatched service people, imposters?  People just accepting any job, but not really knowing what a ‘valuable service’ means?

Read on.

Here’s how you find House Cleaners who buzz with service thinking!

House Cleaners at Family Clean musthave a spirit for service, a work ethic naturally fuelled with the sense of reward and purpose they feel pulsing in their veins.

So how do we find The Best Home Cleaning Assistants, we’re talking about the anticipatory cleaners who, after communicating with you and getting to know your personal preferences – think without being asked. The ones who come with energy to burn and work to understand the tasks most valuable to you? Home Cleaners that just do it!

Avoiding the short road to nowhere with mismatched cleaners?

At Family Clean we’re humbled to receive thousands of applications for housework placements every week.

Our most challenging decision at Family Clean is saying no, in-turn is the most valuable activity to you – our clients.

Family Cleans most serious and valuable investment is in real humans to put applicant house cleaners through their paces, to separate the goodies from the no-go’s.

We have brutally honest conversations with applicants to help them opt in, or out. Rejection isn’t always received well.  But we know the road for mismatched house cleaners is short lived.

The FC Way is to inspire and gently guide peeps who lack autonomous thinking and natural energy for service, towards their truer direction. Yup some people simply need continual   instructions to work better, but you won’t find those peeps in the Family Clean community.

Most valuable House Cleaners tell us what to do?

We see zero value in service people who need continuous hand holding or asking what to do beyond the initial ‘getting to know you and your home’ period. We might as well do the job ourselves then, right?

We believe that the most valuable house cleaners are the ones with potential to grow to tell us what to do. Not the other way around.

How we became Master Curators of House Cleaners?

Honestly, we get it wrong sometimes– but we’re lighting fast to give you a better example of quality we strive for when we do. Quality mechanisms developed over two decades of experience.  Learning to know the questions to truly identify service energy. To know if home cleaning wannabes have been blessed with life influences that we know give some people the sparkiest service operating systems, or least have the spirit and potential to be developed.

But like a Michelin Star Chef, our secret sauce just gets better and better with your feedback.