Bond Cleaning

Take the time to relish new beginnings!

Few of us would consider moving house to be an exciting time, but there’s no reason it can’t be once the stress of bond cleaning is removed. For over 20 years our family have helped thousands of tenants and home owners prepare their properties for new tenants and final inspections by property managers.

 …a great job, which resulted in us getting our entire bond back… were friendly, chatty and very personable. This was a huge differentiator from other cleaners I have previously used and it was a pleasure to meet them.  Their work was much appreciated and we would definitely recommend them and seek to use them in the future.
Catherine​ P​​. St Lucia.

What can I expect?
  • High dusting (all areas) and wiping clean vents, ceiling fans, spider webs, light fittings
  • Walls (all areas) spot cleaned of marks, wiping dust around switches/power points, sills, frames, fixtures, door handles, skirting boards.
  • Windows glass washed inside/out.
  • Bathroom soap scum and build-up cleaned from recess tiles/grouting/shower screen, tap fittings, drain, tub and basins, vanity mirror/drawers/fittings etc.
  • Kitchen cupboards & drawers inside/out, shelving, oven and internal steel racks fixtures, cook-top and range hood, splash back, sink and fittings, bench tops.
  • Laundry tub and fittings, soft brush any lint/dust from clothes dryer etc.
  • Clean and polish furniture if a furnished property, cleaning under and around where possible.
  • Floor Cleaning with damp mop and product where appropriate after a thorough vacuuming.
  • Balcony/Verandah general sweep & mop and remove spider webs.


  • Garage cleaning spider webs, dust and loose debris, degrease and hose out if requested.
  • Venetian Blinds are quite time consuming, unfortunately there’s no fast way to clean these other than manually by hand!
  • Balcony deep cleaning if in bad condition requiring lots of elbow work or pressure cleaning.
  • Security Grills & Window Screens if you are able to supply the tools with correct sizing etc.
  • Air Conditioning Units including filters.
  • Mould/Mildew Treatment a very specific treatment and application to remove the mould, without risk of re-growth or re-contamination.


Our Crews..

Bond Cleaning is not a typical cleaning service and requires expertise and being prepared with all the right products and equipment to complete work to a high standard.

When booking with us you can expect cleaners who offer value for money, working hard in the time and budget you choose.  Services are charged by the hour per person, we don’t offer a fixed quote for an unlimited of work.  Your cleaners will always agree with you on a precise time/cost just a few minutes before starting work on the day.

Our carefully selected Bond Cleaning Crews take great pride in their work and in the slight chance of honest oversights will offer a speedy revisit with-out charge.

After seeing so many properties over the years, it would take quite a lot to surprise us!

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