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By Family Clean, August 15, 2021 12:00 am

Looking for a Brisbane cleaning job? We want you!

Have you found yourself Googling ‘Brisbane cleaning jobs’? And still haven’t spotted the perfect job?

Stop scrolling, because you just found a family-owned cleaning company that really cares about you! Let us prove it.

Apply now for cleaning jobs in Brisbane!

You clean your own home every day, but have you ever wondered how much you could get paid to clean other homes in Brisbane?

By giving you the freedom to set your own hours and work as many jobs as you want, we help you to maximise your earning potential as a house cleaner in Brisbane. 

Our cleaners love that they can choose jobs in their local area (no wasting time in traffic), and work when it suits them! 

Sound good, but still have questions?

Below we have answered the 5 most common questions we get from people searching for cleaning jobs in Brisbane.

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What if I haven’t worked as a cleaner before? 

It’s okay! No experience is necessary. In fact, we care more about you as a person and your life experience than your experience as a cleaner. 

We provide all the support you need, which means the interview process is all about getting to know you and your story.

TIP: Want to get our attention in your application?

Tell us why you love helping others because that is what we are all about!

What kinds of people work as house cleaners?

Anyone can be a cleaner! If you want a job where you make a difference to others, you will fit in perfectly here. 

These are just some of the people who have started working with us recently…

  • Students who need flexible work that can change each semester 
  • Mums looking for a job in school hours, where they are helping other families 
  • Side hustlers who need an income while they get a new business up and running 
  • Professionals who want to slow down, but aren’t ready for retirement  
  • Job-hunters wanting to improve their English and engage with everyday Australians

Our system allows you to be in charge of your own time: we find the work and you pick the jobs that suit you. So that means anyone can be a cleaner, because it works around all kinds of schedules!

What makes this different from other house Brisbane cleaning jobs? 

Good question! Why work just anywhere, when you could work with a business that pays well and has great customers? 

In addition to these things, you know what our biggest difference is? We are a family-owned business that cares about cleaners. Our founder Joey has walked in your shoes because our business grew from his cleaning run (check out our story here). So that means everything we do is about making your work secure and rewarding. 

One of the main ways we do this is by focusing on regular cleaning services. Long-term placements give you security and allow you to plan your schedule with certainty. Plus you get to build great relationships with your clients and become part of their family!  

The other thing that makes us different is how much support we give you. Our team at HQ sets you up for success by…

  • Finding all the jobs you will ever need (and we attract some pretty lovely clients) 
  • Offering support whenever you need it from our Crew Care team
  • Giving you access to an easy-to-use system for accepting jobs 
  • Getting you started immediately 

Head to our applications page to see what other cleaners have to say about what makes us different.

How do I know if I will like being a house cleaner? 

We understand that being a cleaner is not everyone’s dream job. But once you get started, it’s actually really rewarding…

Why? Because you are helping people who are stressed, busy and super grateful to have you around. Our cleaners love it when their clients say they couldn’t live without them! 

Real talk: Read about the experiences of 3 of our cleaners to see if this is right for you. These people didn’t think they’d like to be cleaners, so check out this post to see what they think of their job now! 

Meet Amir and Njawa! 

Najwa is a clean freak who loves to clean (and she can’t believe she gets paid to do it). As she says – “I’m a clean freak, whenever I have free time I love to tidy my house.” Amir is great at organising, so they conquer and divide at each service, playing to their individual strengths. 

They love that they can work together, as they are busy studying when they aren’t working, so this allows them to spend time together. They also love being around their clients’ pets!

Plus they earn more than their student friends and can schedule their work around their studies!

How much do house cleaning Brisbane cleaning jobs pay?

House cleaning rates vary between companies. We’re pretty proud to pay the highest hourly rates in Brisbane (paid on the day of service). 

But be mindful that there’s more to think about than just the rate! We also provide ongoing support and empower you with the knowledge and skills you need to get started. And we let you pick the areas you want to work in, which means you are using minimal time and petrol getting to jobs. 

The other thing is the support you get from HQ. You do not need to invest any time or money into getting customers – we take care of that for you! But you still get the perks of being your own boss (choosing your hours, choosing your preferred jobs and working in your local area). 

If you like the sound of this, APPLY HERE

Want to join our beautiful crew of house cleaners in Brisbane?

Then we’d love to hear from you!

Our crews appreciate the support we provide, the autonomy of being able to set their own schedule and the opportunities to move up in our business.

We are experiencing high demand and need new people right now. So if you are looking for a flexible job with an immediate start, you can submit your application in just a few minutes (no CV required)! 

Here’s a reminder of the perks…

  • Easily choose the jobs you want through our job board
  • Highest hourly rates in Brisbane (paid on the day of service)
  • Work in the areas that suit you
  • Work individually or with a partner 
  • Choose the hours that suit you 
  • Support from our crew care team 
  • Immediate start 

Ready to get started? Apply here to join the Family Clean Crew! 

 beautiful crew of house cleaners in Brisbane