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By Family Clean, December 02, 2020 12:00 am

3 cleaners share what it is actually like to be a house cleaner.

If you’re thinking about hiring a cleaner for your home, you want to find someone who enjoys what they do. And most importantly, is treated well and valued…

Because when a cleaner enjoys their work, they bring good vibes to your home!

So today we’re peeling back the curtain to introduce 3 of our cleaners, who share their experiences with you. Spoiler: most of them didn’t think they’d enjoy being a cleaner!

Find out what they think about their work now…

First up, meet Nestor

I am from Colombia, where I was a TV producer. I came to Australia 3 years ago… and I didn’t want to be a cleaner. So I was doing other jobs on the same level, like delivering food by bicycle, but house cleaning for me was a no. It is just a mindset we have in South America, because you don’t get paid well.

For example, a cleaner in Colombia gets paid $10 for one day. So how can you live with that amount? Eventually I decided to apply with Family Clean because my ex-girlfriend worked there, and she told me that the whole experience was super easy.

I like that this job gives me freedom with my own schedule. I am doing a marketing course and I have my own business, so it allows me to earn money and at the same time keep my schedule to spend time in my business and music projects.

With Family Clean, every week I get many surprises. They think about everything – the cleaner, the products, the client, the schedule, how we treat people, how the people in the office communicate with the cleaners. I feel much better, because the way people in the office treat me is much better than the way people treated me when I was working in TV shows. I was like ‘wow they, treat me as a human – it doesn’t matter your position’. That should be normal.

Before working as a cleaner, I felt so far away from the Australian way of life, but now I have a lot of clients who I have a lot of admiration for. There are two sisters I work for who are waiting for me at the door when I arrive, and they always offer me something to drink and we have great chats.

I would recommend other people apply to Family Clean, because you can learn how to service clients and how to manage a business in a really deep and good way. It is up to you if you want to work more, because you can choose your customers and be involved with a lot of people and learn from them.

Say hi to Sureshna…

Honestly, I thought being a cleaner would be physically and mentally challenging. I assumed people would look down on me and maybe make a mockery of me. Where I come from, this profession is not taken by educated people. I had a wrong perception of this and I was quite hesitant.

My journey from holding chalk to a broom was very emotional. Joey’s story about Family Clean, and his passion motivated me a lot. People in Australia value the integrity of the work you do, and not the work itself. People appreciate you for being honest and hard working, and will not just measure you for what profession you have.

The most satisfaction I get is the smile from clients when they see the final clean. When I come home, normally my messages are flooded with gratitude for the clean I did. Sometimes I have clients who make a lot of apologies when things are messy, but I tell them I am there to help. I am a mother and I know how things are – I find mess from children normal, so I don’t want my clients to be worried when there is mess here and there.

Working with Family Clean has benefits for my lifestyle. I have flexible time, so I can help my son with his studies, I can help my husband with his editing for his PhD and I get more time with my family. I also do editing casually at a university for scientific journals.

Finally, meet Marco

I didn’t know how to even start the job as a cleaner – I didn’t know anything about the cleaning business. My training really helped me to understand the equipment and areas of the house.

My perception of being a cleaner has changed. I am really proud to do this job, because you are not just a cleaner. All of the customers make you feel like you are part of the family – they talk to me and remember things about me, like my family. This friendship with customers that is the nicest thing.

I really enjoy my work because people in the office are really good and they help me a lot. They give you opportunities and now I am a mentor to help new people. So it is like a promotion, which is really good! I find it great and like to teach some tricks to the new cleaners. When I was asked to be a mentor, that was a really good moment. There are also really good rates, and I can manage my time.

I want my clients to know they can be home during their service. Many try not to stay at home during the service because they think they will be in the way. They always ask me about that, but they are not in my way when I am there!

Want to join our beautiful crew of house cleaners in Brisbane? How gorgeous are our cleaners! If you want to join our beautiful family, we’d love to hear from you!

Our crews appreciate the training we provide, the autonomy of being able to set their own schedule and the opportunities to move up in our business.

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