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By Family Clean, September 13, 2020 12:00 am

‘Who is coming into my house?’ How we find the best house cleaners in Brisbane for you…

When you ask most children what they want to be when they grow up, they rattle off jobs where they can help others – jobs like nurses, teachers and firefighters. The thing is, most people never lose that drive to help, and that is why our cleaners love their work. Here is how we find these caring people and support them to be the best house cleaners in Brisbane.

When you book a cleaner, you want to know who is coming into your home. And rightly so, because your possessions, home, pets and family are precious beyond words.

But if you’re hiring a cleaner, chances are you have a lot of other things on your plate. That means worrying about your cleaner is the last thing we want – after all, we’re here to reduce your mental load!

So if you have been thinking of hiring a house cleaner and want to know you’re in safe hands, here is how we screen, select and support our cleaners. We’re here to hand-match you with a cleaner who you will build a positive relationship with, and this is how we make that happen for you…

The reason why we’re writing this post now is because Google recently named us the #1 house cleaners in Brisbane based on our reviews

After reflecting on the reviews and the lovely ways customers talk about their cleaners, we humbly believe it comes down the caring nature of our people that makes us different.

1. We recruit based on personality, not skills

It doesn’t matter if an applicant has no idea how to clean a rangehood without getting grease everywhere, because we can teach that in an afternoon. But we can’t teach things like thoughtfulness, or gratitude.

So when we look for cleaners, these are the caring traits we look for. That means we interview far more cleaners than we end up hiring, but we put in this extra effort to make sure you get a caring cleaner who will bring positive vibes to your home.

That’s how we find people who instinctively think to do things like close the window if you’ve forgotten to.

2. We share our knowledge and skills

Sure we could send new recruits off with a checklist and bucket of cleaning products and chances are they would do a good job. But we are not the kind of people who play with chance (even a simple heads or tails game makes us jittery).

So once we find good people, we support them with the knowledge they need to confidently help you with the needs of your home and continue to check-in with them sharing everything we’ve learned in our 24 years along the way.

3. We hand-match you with crews

Our Mother Ducks at HQ do all the legwork for you. They have super close relationships with the cleaners, so they can make sure you get the right person for your home.

There is a place in your booking form where you can tell us for your home and what needs to be done – the more details you give us, the more specific we can get in our matching process.

If you need a cleaner who is good with pets, we will match you with the dog whisperers on our team (yes, they exist!). Or if your job requires top notch pantry organisational skills, we will make sure we find the perfect person for the task.

4. You get an email introduction to your cleaner

With your booking confirmation, you get an introduction to your cleaner. This email lets you know exactly who to expect on cleaning day by introducing your cleaner’s hobbies and interests, so you can get to know them as a person.

We also ask you to be home on the day of your first service, so you can show your cleaner around your home and explain the things that are important to you. If there is a dog gate that needs to be latched a certain way or you’re particular about how the cutlery should be arranged, this is your chance to tell the cleaner so they understand how your household works.

This is also your chance to spend time chatting to your cleaner, so you feel comfortable and excited about your decision to hire a house cleaner.

5. We advocate for cleaners

Once we support our crews to get started, we don’t stop there. We are constantly in contact with them, checking in to see if they require any extra support and to share warm fuzzies.

This process is super important to us, because we are so proud of the difference our work makes. When we get feedback about the little girl who can’t wait to see how the cleaner has arranged her teddies, or the tired new parents who have no time for cleaning, we know we’re making a genuine difference.

Who wouldn’t want a job where you help others in such a meaningful way? Check out more reviews here, to see what people are saying about our cleaners and the relationships they’ve built with them. – The Mother Ducks x