The family clean story

The smell of a freshly cleaned home. Extra moments for family and self-care. The order of an empty kitchen bench. We know it’s the smallest pleasures that leave the biggest mark, so we never lose sight of the tiny details. After all, it’s from little things that big things grow – and that’s how our story goes ...

In 1994 there was a tiny hatchback getting around Brisbane, loaded with cleaning products and a young Joey (the guy on the left). He was working feverishly to make extra money to help support his family. Today, that same dream of sharing the love and giving back continues.

Together Joey and Rowena have grown a boutique cleaning agency that feels like one big family. We only recruit cleaners and customer support advocates (AKA Mother Ducks) who share our passion for taking kindness out into the world. And that is what makes us the good kind of different.


We’re doing our bit to brighten your home. We don’t just train cleaners on the best ways to scrub and polish – we empower them to do a great job and to really value the importance of their work.

We are proud to have created opportunities for cleaners who instinctively understand that the smallest actions can make your day a hundred times better. And we are proud that these cleaners carry that positive energy forward into the lives of our customers.

Because we truly believe that every little action matters, we only endorse eco-friendly cleaners to help protect our planet and your wellbeing.


We’re an agency with the heart and soul of a family business. That means once we find you an amazing cleaner, you continue to receive support from our Mother Ducks nesting at Family Clean HQ.

Our team meticulously screens and trains every cleaner for you, and they are fully insured for peace of mind. We also regularly pop into your inbox for no other reason than to say hi and check in – it’s just what Mother Ducks do.

If you have been looking for a cleaner who not only cares but has also been professionally screened and trained, we are here to lighten the load.