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By Family Clean, September 28, 2021 12:00 am

Why we recruit ‘cleaners who care’

A story about our journey, published in Style Magazines.

We sat down with Fiona Williams, who penned these kinds words about us.

Founded in 1994, Family Clean started with one single premise: to serve others with care. While the cleaning came naturally to owner Joey, the recruiting was a different story. “I discovered some cleaners just didn’t take the work seriously and in turn weren’t appreciated by our customers,” he says.

But this is the problem Family Clean solves. They know it takes a

special someone to deliver such a personalised service, as the cleaners who care. That starts with finding the right people who also have this obsession.

Joey’s wife and partner in business, Rowena, says they don’t see their crews as ‘just cleaners’.

Of course, the basics need to be done well, but they know to make your face light up when you open the front door. They say “it’s the little and thoughtful touches that make all the difference”.

To Family Clean, that means empowering their crews with not only the right knowledge to do a great job but to value the importance of their work. “By truly respecting our cleaners and treating them like family, we believe that’s where the magic comes!” says Rowena.
When you’re a part of Family Clean, for every fabulous crew that eagerly arrives on your doorstep, they have screened out 99 other potential candidates to ensure they have found the right fit for customers and the brand.

They believe the reason they exist today is their ability, and sixth sense, to know people. Know who buzz’s with the same serving frequency – and who care as much as they do.

From busy family households, elderly customers who need help with odd jobs, to now an increasing number of younger customers who value their personal time. Cleaning is no longer a ‘nice to have’ luxury, but rather a conscious choice to prioritise life. This in turn gives you the freedom to do more of what you love.

Thanks to Style for spotlighting us! With a high demand for cleaners who care all over Brisbane, our family is growing and we’d love you to join us! We’re recruiting now: get the details here.

– The Mother Ducks xxcleaners who care fiona williams