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By Family Clean, June 05, 2023 04:10 pm

Why we specialise in regular cleaning services!

Our ears are burning every day with the question… “What are they thinking?”

Every day people are surprised when we politely say “No, I’m sorry we’re unable to help with your one-time service request…”


Two words > Dependability. Purpose.

Regular house cleaning + can-do attitude to boot

You name it – we’ve probably cleaned it

When Family Clean started out, we had to say “yes” to every job opportunity to survive as a small business. Oh yes, we’ve got some stories to tell – we scaled tall buildings to clean signs on rooftops, cleaned toilets in factories with lots of employees (let’s say they weren’t a good aim!), party clean-ups, you name it – there is a very good chance we have probably cleaned it!

Regular cleaning services have always been our number one

Since Family Clean began over two decades ago, it was always our regular cleaning services, our lasting loyal clients where we enjoyed the most reward and sense of purpose.

Fast forward, the pandemic hit and we faced our biggest challenge like many, but this time more than ever weighed heavy to teach us our most valuable relationships were our regular loyal clients.

So how could we serve you and our loyal regular clients better?

Saying “yes” has always been driven from our deep-down serving values, however we quickly learned that to best serve our loyal clients, we couldn’t be everything to everyone. Making the decision to change our instinctive ways, to politely say “no” to every other service request was one of the most challenging but rewarding experiences in our business life.

Today giving regular services our everything

We also found that by giving our 100% dedication to serving our lasting regular service relationships better, it was also an invitation for our clients to join us by helping to lift other good humans in our community with more secure working opportunities. Helping us concentrate all of our energy to being the best we can at one thing.

To slow that constantly revolving door of changing cleaners in a competitive marketplace full of choice, Family Clean needed to be the absolute best at attracting more dependable service people with long-term, reliable work opportunities in friendly homes. Using our over two decades of getting it wrong and right and many years of learning to develop our dependable ‘keeper’ selection principles to ensure that if we do get it wrong, our clients know how we handle things.

Our selection today is literally one in a hundred