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By Family Clean, June 25, 2021 12:00 am

Jobs at the #1 Domestic Cleaners Brisbane (immediate start)

Domestic Cleaners Brisbane 

Finding nice, loyal clients isn’t always easy for domestic cleaners in Brisbane. But as Brisbane’s most trusted cleaning company, we’ve solved that problem for you! When you join our family, you get access to a long line of grateful clients who have been screened and vetted by our Mother Ducks.

Essentially, being the #1 domestic cleaners in Brisbane, we attract clients who value their cleaners. And that is what makes us different to other cleaning companies!

→ We’re recruiting now and you’ll start immediately after onboarding.

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Why we’re the #1 domestic cleaners Brisbane

Google recently named us the #1 domestic cleaners in Brisbane, because we have so many five-star reviews …

When you read these reviews, you will notice all the lovely ways our customers talk about their cleaners. These are the kinds of clients you get with us. They are people who respect you as a person!

You’ll also notice we have hundreds of reviews. Importantly we get these reviews because we are an established and trusted company.

Finally, over the 25+ years, we have built a loyal and growing customer base. Our customers trust us and recommend us to their friends and family. In addition to this, we ensure every domestic cleaner we recruit has dependable cleaning work here in Brisbane.

We’re currently looking for new cleaners to partner with our new clients. You don’t need any experience – just a willingness to help! To get you ready for your first job, we share our years of knowledge and skills so that you have everything you need to get started.

>>Get the details and application link here<<

The perks of working for the #1 domestic cleaners Brisbane

As well as working with an established business, you’re also working in a company that actually cares. We care about the welfare of our cleaners in everything we do. Here’s how.

Liked Judie’s story? Meet more cleaners who share what is *actually* like to be a cleaner → What It is actually like to be a cleaner.

Clients are screened for you

Our customer care team screens every booking request and contacts clients to check anything that’s unclear in their enquiry. This gives clients realistic expectations about what cleaning costs and what can be achieved in their booking timeframe, making your job easier.   

Values-based cleaning business

We care for both our cleaners and our clients. We advocate for cleaners on our website and social media, and we pay the highest hourly rates in Brisbane. That means we attract clients who share our values and believe that cleaners should be well paid and thanked for their work.

Because our clients share our values and are looked after by our customer support team, they stay with us for the long term. This gives you dependable work. 

Regular domestic cleaning company in Brisbane

We specialise in regular house cleaning, so you get to build relationships with your clients instead of rushing between once-off jobs. Your domestic cleaning job offers will be for recurring weekly and fortnightly cleans, which gives you have a regular source of income.

By having access to regular cleaning clients and setting your own hours, you get income stability.  

Crew care support

Let’s be real: sometimes things go wrong. If you ever have any questions or you need us to help out, we are always here! Our dedicated crew care team members have one job: supporting you. That means you can call any time for help with the issues you’re experiencing. Here’s how we’ve handled some tricky situations in the past.

Want to work with our domestic cleaners Brisbane?

If we sound like the right company for you, visit the Join Our Family page for job details, things that make us different and how to apply.

Applying only takes a few minutes, and you’ll have job offers within one week of onboarding!