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By Family Clean, May 06, 2021 12:00 am

House cleaning jobs Brisbane: Earn the highest hourly rates!

Earn the highest hourly rates!

Our house cleaning jobs Brisbane pay the highest hourly rates! Here is what is involved and how to apply…

You clean your own home, so why not earn money from your cleaning skills?!

House cleaners are in crazy high demand in Brisbane right now, and we have clients ready to welcome you into their homes.

Haven’t worked as a house cleaner before? We share the skills, tips and tricks that we’ve learned so that you have everything you need to get started. Plus, you get ongoing help from our crew care team, so you keep growing your skills as a service professional!

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House cleaning jobs Brisbane vs other jobs

Many of our crews haven’t worked as house cleaners before. We welcome a lot of cleaners to our team who previously worked in cafes or as food delivery drivers.

Here is what makes this different from those jobs…


A lot of our cleaners say they loved talking with people in their hospitality jobs. But inconsistent rosters make it hard to predict how much money is coming in from week to week.

We offer you regular cleaning jobs so you have dependable, stable income. Plus you get to build great relationships with clients who you see regularly!

Food delivery

One of the perks of food delivery is that you can work when you want. But what if it’s a slow night and you don’t get many jobs?

We give you access to a system where you pick the cleaning jobs that suit you, so you set your hours and how much you want to work. Plus your clients are booking in for a recurring service every week, fortnight or month, which gives you certainty! It’s got all the perks of the gig economy (without having to ride your pushbike in the rain).

What other kinds of people work as house cleaners? Check out this cleaning jobs Brisbane article for a full list (plus info about the job and how to tell if you’ll like it)!

How much will you earn in a House cleaning jobs Brisbane?

Okay, back to our rates. Here is everything you need to know about the money side of things when looking for house cleaning jobs in Brisbane.

Earn the highest house cleaning jobs Brisbane rates

Looking after our house cleaners is really important to us. That is why we pay the highest hourly rates in Brisbane.

You’re paid directly on your service days – and earn $35/hour.

And you get unlimited support from our amazing crew care team, who are here to help so you never feel alone or unsupported!

Work as much as you want

You can accept as many jobs as you want – that means how much you earn is up to you.

Get paid on the day of service

Don’t worry about waiting for a paycheck to come in. You are paid on the day of service, giving you money immediately!

Start earning straight away

As an established house cleaning company in Brisbane, we are always welcoming new clients. That means you have guaranteed work within one week of completing onboarding.

Choose where you work

Whether you are on the northside, southside or central, you pick the areas where you want to work. This saves you time and money on commuting!


Forget the chemicals – forget the fuss and become a cleaner with us! ✨ #fyp #cleantok #familyclean #ecofriendly

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Work towards career progression

There is room for you to grow in our company! Many of our cleaners now work in our office as customer and crew care support. 

Get access to extra incentives

Feel appreciated with incentives and rewards to earn extra income, including our Crew of the Week incentive!

Receive free ongoing support

You don’t need any experience, because we share our years of knowledge and empower you with the skills to get started! And if you have any questions about accepting jobs or dealing with clients, our crew care team is here to help.

Apply now for house cleaning jobs Brisbane!

All you have to do is tell us a little bit about yourself and your unique super powers! APPLY HERE!