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By Family Clean, October 26, 2023 01:47 pm

Energising Melbourne Homes: Meet Laura!

All the way from Colombia to Melbourne’s cleaning scene. We’re excited to introduce you to one of our very own – Laura. If you’re curious about the friendly faces behind keeping your Melbourne home clean and organised, relax, sit back, grab a tea and let’s share Laura’s story…

Living in Melbourne: A Thrilling Change of Scenery

Laura’s journey brought her to the heart of Melbourne, where every laneway tells a story and coffee is practically a religion. It’s a change she’s embraced with open arms, and she’s ready to bring that Melbourne vibrancy right to your doorstep.

“I’ve been living in Melbourne for 3 months – super near to the centre, very central. I really love and enjoy the city. I came here with my brother for a new change and experience. I am originally from Colombia.”

Cultural Differences: Warmth in a New Land 

Adapting to the chilly weather and learning Aussie slang is something Laura has embraced with grace. But it’s the kindness people of Melbourne that has Laura enjoying her new start in Australia. 

 “People here are very kind! If you have a problem or question or anything like that, people are really amazing and happy to help. The other big change for me is the language difference and the weather. Every day in Colombia is very hot! It’s really windy and freezing here in Melbourne, I’m not used to that.” 

Laura in melbourne

Past Experience and Future Ambitions

Laura’s journey is a testament to following her dreams. With a background in marketing and a heart full of love for children, she brings her unique life experiences to her role in creating a clean, calm and caring home environment for the families and individuals she helps.

“For me, my dream job, whatever the dream is, it’s always to work with people, or with kids. In a part of my life, I used to be a Spanish teacher. I would like to plan to work with children again; I really enjoy this.”

Creating an excitement for Cleaning Day

When asked about the one feeling Laura enjoys creating for her clients through the cleaning service she provides? Excitement and getting to know the unique stories and preferences of those she helps.

“I want clients to feel happy and excited that I’m coming to help them in their home. For me, I really enjoy speaking with people. Like, understanding ‘Okay, what is your story? What makes you different?’”

The Power of Family and Hospitality in a Service based Role

Laura’s family is her rock, and their support fuels her passion for life. With her brother by her side and a family back in Colombia, she’s brought the spirit of Colombian hospitality to her clients in Melbourne. Meaning your home isn’t just a job for her; it’s an extension of her family’s warmth and care.

“Family is everything. The decisions I make, the support I have… the support is very important for me. My family is everything for me. My brother lives with me; I have my parents and grandma, friends back home – probably about 20 members. Being hospitable is very important in our culture.”

Self-Care and Wellness: Laura’s Sanctuary

When it comes to self-care, Laura finds solace in the pool, cherishing moments of relaxation with friends and her brother in the city life of Melbourne. It’s her sanctuary amidst the busy life of studying and working, and it keeps her refreshed and able to give her best energy to those she helps. 

“It means a lot because I am busy studying and working a lot, so I need that to rest and live life well. Time in the pool is very relaxing for me, feeling the safety with my friends or my brother, our quality time together it’s very relaxing for me.”

Melbourne is lucky to have you Laura – (as are we!). Looking to book your very own Laura for your Caulfield South, Armadale, Kew, Balwyn, Albert Park or Alphington home? Well, you’re in the right neck of the woods! Let us know how we can help you and find out more below. 

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