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By Family Clean, October 26, 2023 01:22 pm

Brisbane Cleaners with Heart: Damchoe and Sonam’s Journey with Family Clean

From the serene mountains of Bhutan to the bustling city of Brisbane – meet Damchoe and Sonam. A couple who has found their second home in Australia and fulfilling work through Family Clean. 

 This dynamic duo are just two of the people who help our mission to make your life easier and who find enjoyment by helping families just like theirs.

 We’re excited to introduce you to this incredible couple and share their heart-warming story, their dreams, cultural experiences, and the humorous moments they’ve had with their Brisbane cleaning services. 

Bridging Dreams and Reality on their Journey to Australia 

 Damchoe’s quest for knowledge led him to the thriving city of Brisbane to further his education. With a background in electrical engineering, the move to Australia enabled Damchoe to further his studies in this field with the dream of gaining hands-on experience to take back to his home country to further its growth and development.  

“We decided that to get some more exposure and experience in my field, we would move here to upgrade my studies and once I complete them, we will bring our kids here so that they can get good exposure here for their education too. They’re excited to see the new world. I want to see the main differences, how things are working here – to then take back to my country and to apply what I’ve learned and contribute and continue to build things over there.”

A Wealth of Experience 

 Damchoe and Sonam come with a wealth of relevant experience, having worked in various service-based roles in Bhutan. They’ve tackled everything from maintenance to cleaning and sanitization, with Sonam even having experience in the prestigious PepsiCo Hotel. When they decided to make the move to Australia, they were drawn to Family Clean because it provided them with an opportunity not only to share their experience but also their culture. 

“When we were looking at moving to Australia, we heard about Family Clean and discussed together and thought it would be nice for us to share our experience and to share our culture.”

Cultural Revelations

Transitioning from Bhutan to Brisbane, Damchoe and Sonam have encountered significant cultural differences. Like the fun fact that Bhutan has a traffic-light-free existence…

“One thing I always share and like sharing with our clients as well because they are interested in knowing what Bhutan is like. The fun fact is, in Bhutan there are no traffic lights, not even in the city!

In Bhutan we have a smaller population, there are not as many vehicles like here in Brisbane or big cities. So it can be manageable, people are patient and understanding with one another we have a great sense of belonging among our people.”

Damcho and Sonam - Brisbane

Brisbane Adventures

 When they’re not busy house cleaning in Brisbane, Damchoe and Sonam find joy in strolling through Brisbane’s parks. It’s a chance to sit back, relax, and soak in their new surroundings.

“We love to walk in the parks, there are a lot of big, beautiful parks here. So we like to walk around the park and sit on the beautiful benches and observe the world.”

The Essence of Service 

For Damchoe and Sonam, service is all about making clients happy. Having a young family themselves, they know that their dedication and commitment to providing exceptional service will help to lighten the load. 

“The service that we provide should make the client happy. We should see a big smile on their face. That really matters for us, we just want to make them smile.”

A Funny Mishap

 Life isn’t without its funny moments. Recently while cleaning a client’s home, Damchoe had an unexpected encounter with a glass sliding door. Assuming the door was open, he walked right into it, much to the amusement of his wife, who had done an excellent job cleaning the glass.

“I picked up my bucket to move and I passed straight into a glass sliding door – the ones that look like a big window. My wife had cleaned the glass already which she did a really great job because I thought the door was open, but it wasn’t!”

One thing that makes a big difference 

Damchoe and Sonam believe in focusing on the 99% of goodness and leaving the 1% behind. 

“Think positive. No matter what the situation is, just because things might be hard now, good things will happen. 99% of people are good, and sometimes people remember the 1% and forget the 99, so if you think positively and remember the 99 – that would make a great difference in the world.”

Heartfelt Gratitude

In a beautiful cycle of care and support, Damchoe and Sonam always look for opportunities to express their gratitude. They explain how by helping clients with their homes and families, their clients are also playing a significant role in supporting their dreams and aspirations. 

“We would like all Family Clean clients to know that while we’re helping them with their homes to support their family, they’re also a part of helping us support ours.”

So, the next time you welcome someone like Damchoe and Sonam into your home, remember that you’re not just hiring people to help you, you’re also part of a greater purpose in supporting great people like Damchoe and Sonam who bring their unique life experience and perspective on their journey too.

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