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By Family Clean, October 26, 2023 02:07 pm

Balancing Melbourne’s Urban Buzz with Outdoor Passion

Meet Josh – an outdoors enthusiast, devoted father, and part-time dog trainer who’s bringing a breath of fresh air to Melbourne’s bustling cityscape. We sat down with Josh who found a way to blend the vibrant urban life of Melbourne with his love for nature, all while helping others through his work with Family Clean.

Melbourne: A City of Contrasts

Josh’s story begins eight years ago when he traded the serene landscapes of Tasmania for the fast-paced life of Melbourne. “It’s been quite an interesting transition into city life for a guy who grew up in the country in Tasmania.” he says. Melbourne, with its vibrant city centre and inner suburbs, offered him a world of opportunities in management and finance.

 However, the city’s frenetic pace made Josh long for the tranquillity of the great outdoors. “You find yourself being part of the rat race a little bit.” he admits. Melbourne’s hustle and bustle led him to a decision – it was time to reclaim his time, prioritize family, and reconnect with nature.

 But don’t let his shift towards a more balanced life fool you; Josh also enjoys aspects of Melbourne’s cosmopolitan offerings. A 20-minute walk takes him to the MCG, where he can catch a game of football, or a quick tram ride gets him to the CBD, teeming with enticing restaurants. It’s about finding harmony between city life and the great outdoors.

A Change of Pace: Embracing Home Assistance

 Josh’s journey to becoming a Home Assistant came from his desire to blend office work with outdoor fieldwork. “I wanted to find more balance, where I knew that I’d have a little bit more time to do the things that I enjoyed, and nourish the soul and fill the cup, so to speak.” he explains. The shift allowed him to enjoy the flexibility needed to spend precious moments with his son, Albie.

When asked about his clients, Josh’s face lights up. “All my clients seem to be very, very nice and quite accommodating,” he says. “Who wouldn’t enjoy someone coming in and sorting the bathroom out for them?” For Josh, providing that extra time for his clients to enjoy life’s pleasures is deeply fulfilling.

Lessons from the Heart of Every Home

Working in people’s homes has given Josh insight into how individuals value their living spaces. “You get a real sense of how different people value their home and the pride that they take within the maintenance and the presentation.” he notes. Josh carries this understanding into his own approach as a Home Assistant.

His philosophy is simple: excellent communication is the key. “To really listen and understand that you’ve got two ears and one mouth for a reason, so you should listen twice as much as you speak.” he advises. This approach helps him build strong relationships with his clients and ensures he provides a service that respects each home’s unique character.

Looking for someone like Josh to help you with a cleaning service in Melbourne? Simply hit the instant quote button to your right, tell us all about your home and preferences and we’ll match you with your very own ‘Josh’ – who can help lighten the load and make your life in Melbourne just that little bit easier.  

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