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By Family Clean, October 26, 2023 02:22 pm

Dechen’s Journey to becoming a Home Assistant in Perth

Meet Dechen! Part of our incredible team of Home Assistants in Perth making clients lives easier, whether it’s meal prep, laundry, pantry organisation or watering the plants – anything home life that helps to make your everyday easier. 

A Journey Inspired by Mentorship

Dechen’s journey began with a heartfelt recommendation from her mentor, Tenzin, who is also part of the Family Clean team. Tenzin’s professionalism and dedication to his clients inspired Dechen to explore Family Clean herself. 

 “Family Clean is more than just a job; it’s a heartfelt connection with people, and that’s what makes it special. Tenzin taught me the little things that matter in this job, like connecting with clients and making them happy.”

A Cultural Exchange in Service

In Australia, Dechen has become a bridge between cultures, sharing her Bhutanese heritage with her clients. This cultural exchange fosters a positive connection between clients and Home Assistants, embracing differences and learning from one another. 

“Cultural exchange makes the job more meaningful. We learn from each other, and that’s beautiful.”

The Heart-warming Link to Bhutan

Dechen’s passion for cleanliness and organization is deeply rooted in her upbringing in Bhutan, where her mother’s love for cleaning played a significant role. Dechen explains,

“My parents are my biggest motivators. They taught me the value of a clean and happy home.”

Forging the Path as the Eldest Child

 As the eldest in her family, Dechen is a trailblazer, setting an example for her siblings back in Bhutan. Dechen shares that her journey isn’t just about personal growth; it’s about paving the way for her family’s future – “Being the eldest, I want to set a positive path for my siblings to follow.”

 Pursuing Higher Education in Australia

Dechen is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Sustainable Development at Murdoch University. Her journey began with a job at another cleaning company in Perth. Still, it was Tenzin’s recommendation that led her to Family Clean, a decision she cherishes.

Dechen: “Joining Family Clean was the best decision I ever made. It’s been a life-changing experience.”

The Meaning of Service

For Dechen, being in service to others means being dependable, supportive, and trustworthy. It’s about more than completing tasks; it’s about being someone who genuinely cares about her clients’ well-being.

“Service is about being there for others, supporting them, and making them feel they can rely on you.”

 Cooking as a Delightful Extra

 Dechen’s clients enjoy an extra treat—her culinary skills. She loves to share her easy-to-follow recipes on Instagram, adding an extra layer of convenience and joy to her clients’ lives.

 “I love cooking, and sharing my recipes with clients makes the job even more rewarding.”

More than just Cleaning… 

If you’re looking for a high flex, mix and match domestic cleaning service in Perth and would like to be matched with someone just like Dechen, reach out to say hi

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