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By Family Clean, June 13, 2019 12:00 am

10 jobs you probably didn’t know your cleaner can do for you

If you could take one domestic task off your plate right now, what would it be? Maybe you can’t stand pulling out the vacuum cleaner … Or perhaps you just want one day a week when all the beds in the house actually get made …

These things are often the first that spring to mind, but there are so many other ways a cleaner can lighten the load for you! Want that tangle of chargers folded and put away? No problems. Can’t work out how to get a stain off the couch? Ask your cleaner!

Even though it’s been over 12 months since we shared life hacks with The Urban List, we still hear from people saying they would NEVER have thought to put make-up brushes on the list of jobs for a cleaner. And that is just the start of the many ways a cleaner can make your life easier!

With a regular cleaning service, you can ask your cleaner to take care of a staple list of important jobs (such as bathrooms and the floors), and then mix in a few small requests as you need.

We like to think of this as buying happier time. So here a few extra ways your cleaner can give you back time in delightfully handy ways – complete with some recent requests from our customers …


One-off tasks you don’t have time for

1. Polish your stainless steel appliances

Stainless steel appliances look great in the kitchen … until they get covered with fingerprints! Once they start to look a little lacklustre, ask your cleaner to give them a quick once over. As a bonus, if you align with our our eco-friendly philosophy this means that there won’t be any harsh chemicals used in your food prep space.

2. Take care of food explosions

“We had a spaghetti explosion in the microwave last night – would you mind cleaning it?”

When the family forgets to cover their food in the microwave, your cleaner is happy to take care of it! Just leave a note so they know to give the microwave some TLC.


A head start on dinner that will make a world of difference at 7pm

3. Have your meal delivery boxes unpacked

Meal delivery boxes are great, but you can’t always be home during the delivery timeframes.

Instead, organise for your meal delivery box to be delivered at the same time as your regular clean, and your cleaner can bring it in and unpack the items for you.

4. Defrost food in the freezer

“I have a lasagne in the freezer – would you mind taking it out to defrost before you leave?”

If you forget to take something out for dinner, just send your cleaner a message and they’ll be happy to accommodate. Or if you’ve pulled something out to defrost before leaving home for the day, your cleaner can pop it in the fridge once it’s thawed to keep it from spoiling.


Those jobs you just don’t like

5. Tailor your cleaning service

Don’t mind doing the dusting, but don’t like scrubbing the shower? Find cleaning windows oddly satisfying, but not the streaky floors left by your mop?   

We get that there are some jobs you are happy to take care of yourself and some you’d rather not. That’s why we have ditched the stock standard cleaner’s checklist in favour of a more flexible approach. Just chat with your cleaner about the things you want done during each clean, and they’ll take them off your plate!

6. Get on top of the laundry

“I have a never-ending basket of washing I never see the bottom of!” Sound familiar?

This one might seem obvious, but a lot of people don’t realise they can ask their cleaner for a hand with the washing. Just leave a note for your cleaner or have a chat with them before they get started. They can put a load on at the start of a clean and hang it out before they leave, or take care of any folding that needs to be done.

The Marie Kondo cleanout you’ve been putting off all year

7.  Tackle the spare room

If it’s not the spare room, it’s a closet somewhere. Everyone has a space that becomes a bit of a dumping ground for stuff that doesn’t have an official home. If you want to KonMari your life, your cleaner will be happy to make a place for everything.

8. Cleanse the pantry

“There are so many things in our pantry – could you please organise it and throw away anything that is past its used-by date?”

There is nothing more satisfying than an organised pantry! Your cleaner will be more than happy to do a tidy of any unorganised areas in your kitchen (including the Tupperware drawer). And if you’re wondering what will need replacing the next time you head to the supermarket, just ask your cleaner to make a note of anything that was past its used-by date.  


Those little jobs that need to be done before the weekend

9. Freshen up for your guests

“We’re having guests this weekend – could you wipe down the outdoor furniture in preparation?”

Before a barbecue, your cleaner is always happy to give your outdoor area some TLC. If your guests are staying the night, they’ll also be happy to freshen up the spare room too.

10. Sweep out the garage

Planning a garage sale? Get a head start on the preparation by asking your cleaner to give it a sweep and hose down before the weekend rolls around. Then you can enjoy the fun of styling all your items and playing shop!

We understand that life’s inexplicably busy. That is why we make our regular cleaning service as flexible as possible, so you can get the clean you need every week or fortnight. Want to see how clean your home could be? Get started with a regular service and feel free to mix and match your tasks to suit the needs of your home – The Mother Ducks

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