From a flat rate for all tasks (that means no hidden cost for ovens or windows) to instant booking and ongoing customer support from our Mother Ducks, using our service is effortless.


Our difference. A fully-inclusive service which includes all the ‘extras’ – for no extra!

As we believe everyday luxury should be standard.

So if you love clean sheet day, but not the actual washing and bed making part… or you need the oven cleaned one week and the linen cupboard re-organised the next, consider it done! This personalised and flexible service is all about you.

Once we match you with a cleaner, they’ll arrange a day & time to meet you for the first clean, to run through ongoing tasks and learn the little details such as how you like your cushions arranged and the cutlery put away.

You simply pay them the same flat hourly rate regardless of what’s on your wish list, and together you set a schedule that works for you – because this is your clean, your way.

When you book a regular cleaner or housekeeper, you are booking your cleaner’s time, not a fixed list of inclusions. Stick with the essentials, or change things up as you need. To give you this freedom of choice, every inclusion is priced at the same flat hourly rate.

The nitty gritty:

Your cleaner will let you know if you have requested inclusions that will take longer than your usual service (such as the oven, windows and fridge), so you can work out your priorities for each clean | All cleaning products are supplied, but please do leave out your own a vacuum and mop for hygiene reasons | We tell you these finer details now, so you know exactly what to expect!

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Whatever style of clean you need, we know cleaners who will make your face light up when you open the door to a fresh home. To make that happen, we have already thought of everything.

When you book with us, you get …

  • Cleaners handpicked & personally trained for your home
  • Eco-friendly cleaning products, at no extra cost
  • Fully inclusive service – have all the extras, for no extra!
  • Affordability – same flat hourly rate, regardless of what’s on your wish list!
  • Easy on-the-day payment
  • Ongoing Mother Ducks support via phone and email
  • Service tailored to your home and lifestyle
  • Replacement cleaners
  • Delightfully easy online booking
  • Fully insured cleaning services
  • Our happiness guarantee


There’s no feeling more satisfying than being in a fresh home you didn’t have to clean yourself. And you know what makes that feeling even better? Working with happy, proactive cleaners. We empower and create new opportunities for everyday people in your community who delight in helping others. And by supporting these wonderful people, you’re spreading happiness  around too!

So if for any reason your clean home doesn’t make you smile from the inside out, we’ll do everything in our power to get you grinning from ear to ear. We are always by your side … and this is how we take you from being overwhelmed by cleaning to confident and relaxed.