Absolutely thrilled with the first visit from my Family Clean cleaner. Despite my shame and embarrassment at the grime that’s built up in my home, the cleaner was upbeat and got to work completely unfazed after we agreed on immediate priorities for the first two hour session. At the end of their visit I had two sparkling clean bathrooms and a spotless kitchen/living room floor. I had been so stressed about the state of my home, and was so ashamed I couldn’t keep up by myself due to personal health issues and not being able to manage the mess a single parent family makes. Not any more! I have utmost confidence in my cleaner’s abilities, and am so thankful for their kindness and understanding. Just one visit has lifted so much of my stress already now those areas are looking as clean as when we first moved in. I look forward to having our Family Clean cleaner back weekly to get the whole place in great shape again, so I can be more confident in keeping on top of it in-between their visits. Thank you Family Clean!