Dear FC team, 

I’ve had my home cleaned 3 times from Fiti and prior to this I was aware of her high standards but I wasn’t as nervous because she explained everything so well and put me at ease.

I’ve never had a regular home assistant before and living on my own, it never occurred to me because I had the perception that it can’t possibly be that difficult with the upkeep right!? Well, with full time work & sometimes just as busy weekends… I’m absolutely thrilled to be blessed to have had my home cleaned and cared for. On my second clean I sent my feedback directly to Fiti: 

“Hi Fiti! it was how it felt the moment I stepped in. Like someone was home the whole time waiting for me…because it feels like an actual house-warming! Truely blessed thank you  ☺️ ”

One of my goals at the start of October was to spend time in being a present homemaker.

Thank you Fiti and Family Clean for your support in reaching my goals!

Kind regards