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By Family Clean, May 06, 2021 12:00 am

Housekeeping jobs Brisbane: Start earning straight away (no experience required)

As a housekeeper, you’re an essential employee – hello job security and dependable work! Here’s how to get started straight away.

If you’ve had a casual job, you will know what it’s like to be a slave to your roster…

Run off your feet with too many hours one week, and then watching your bank account the next because you didn’t get enough hours to cover your bills.

It can get pretty stressful when your hours aren’t regular or dependable. But what is the alternative if you need a flexible job?

A housekeeping job will give you the best of both worlds: freedom and regular income.Housekeeping jobs Brisbane


Even if you haven’t worked as a housekeeper before, you can join our team of Brisbane housekeepers. That is because we recruit based on work ethic and attitude, rather than experience! We also give you access to an upskilling portal, so you can learn all the essential skills when it suits you.

Plus there are other perks about taking on a housekeeping job Brisbane with us…

  • You get to choose your jobs and set your own hours (it’s like being your own boss without having to actually run a business)
  • Clients pay you on the day (so there is no waiting for your paycheck to come in)
  • Choose the areas of Brisbane you work in (so your work fits around your lifestyle)
  • You join a company that cares about your welfare (learn how we do it in this post)

See what Judie likes about her housekeeping job with us!   

What kind of work does a housekeeper do?

Our housekeepers perform general cleaning duties around the home. A typical clean will involve bathrooms, kitchen surfaces and floors. Your clients might also need a hand with other light duties around the home, including folding laundry, dusting, tidying and putting away grocery deliveries.

The difference between this kind of work and other cleaning jobs is that it’s not as physically demanding on your body. One-off and bond cleaning jobs can be quite challenging, as the homes have been neglected. Because you are doing regular housekeeping, the homes you work in remain in a good state and you’re simply maintaining them.

Plus you’re working with eco-friendly products because your health is important to us! And you become part of the client’s family!

We have open positions for housekeeping jobs Brisbane

And not just any housekeeping jobs – we’re talking about regular housekeeping work you *actually* enjoy, because you are paid well and working with a company that cares about your welfare.

That’s the kind of work we want to give you!

Here is what to expect:

  • Dependable Monday to Saturday work (set your hours between 7 am and 5 pm)
  • Upskilling portal to prepare you to start work quickly + give you the confidence of a true service professional
  • Immediate start, with same-day work, offers after onboarding  is complete
  • Ongoing access to our dedicated crew care support team
  • A company with loyal clients who appreciate your work

Because we share skills with you and have crew care support, we make sure you have everything you need to start work confidently. You don’t need any experience to apply (find application details here – it only takes a few minutes to get started).


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