Regardless of what occupies your working hours, there is one thing we all have in common – we want our work to matter. And if working in the cleaning industry has taught us anything, it’s that being fulfilled at work is all about your perspective. So we wanted to share with you the ways we find joy at work, in the hope of bringing more meaning to your 9–5!

When we tell people what we do, there is one question we are often asked: ‘How do you continually keep everyone happy when every customer has different expectations?’

The question seems simple enough, right? But there’s a lot more to it than you might think (and bear with us, because we promise this story really is about you and your work).

Generally when people ask us this question, it’s because they’ve sadly had a negative experience with a cleaner. In fact, one of our customers recently said, “A good cleaner is hard to find. Great cleaners are like unicorn poo – almost extinct.”

That’s why we love the opportunity to respond to this question and set things straight. Because to us, the formula for doing a good job is simple: if our customers are happy, then we are happy.

So how did we get to a place of all-round happiness? One where our customers call us their unicorns and their cleaners feel empowered by their work?

Let’s go back to the start of Family Clean. In the early days – when it was just Joey and his little hatchback – he realised pretty quickly that people respond to his energy. So making clients happy became a matter of showing up with sincere intentions of doing a great job. With this attitude, understanding what every customer needs became second nature.

But then we grew. One became two and, eventually, a team. Then the question became, how could we ensure our team was happy at work, so they can share that happiness with our customers?

This is important for so many reasons (which we are sure you can relate to as well):

  • When you are happy at work, you want to do the best job you can
  • When you do a great job, you can go home feeling satisfied at the end of each day
  • When you are satisfied with your work, you feel more content in other areas of your life

So to answer the question from the top of this story, making our customers happy has to begin with the cleaner’s mindset. We can teach anyone how to vacuum in tight spaces, but the most important lesson we teach cleaners is to take pride in their work.

We truly believe that being a cleaner is a badge of honour, because it is a job for helping others.

The most amazing part of training is seeing newly minted cleaners come alive as they realise their work with us is truly valued. When people feel respected and can see meaning in their work beyond the paycheck, they naturally take pride in their work. To us, that’s the secret of finding meaning at work – whatever it is that you do.

So what does our story mean for you?

The real magic of work is being part of a purpose that’s bigger than each of us. We have defined that purpose as helping others and honouring the importance of family life.

That purpose will differ depending on what you do, but it should be front and centre every day as you show up for work.

Zen Habits recently posted an article on this very topic, and this quote really stood out to us…

It’s my belief that anyone can find meaning in their work. Work in an office? Maybe it can feel meaningful to serve your team so that their work gets done easier, or so that the project they’re doing actually gets done. Maybe you help brighten people’s day with your positivity or sense of humor.”

So whatever it is you do, know that there is value and meaning in it. Your job exists because someone needs your skills, whatever they happen to be.

We are always on the hunt for cleaners who want to help people! If you want to be part of a team committed to spreading joy, we’d love for you to apply to join our family. – The Mother Ducks xx