Whether this is your first time booking a cleaner or you want to make sure you’re getting the best person for your home, we want you to be confident that we’re the right fit for you. Find more details below on how to book a cleaner and what to expect, or simply contact us if there’s something extra you’d like to chat about.


No home is the same, and no family is the same. That’s why we have an instant estimate tool that allows you to see in real time the approximate price of your request. This estimate is based on time (each service is charged at a flat hourly rate) to give you an idea of how much each service would cost based on the size of your home and what you’d like done. Compare and make changes in real time to find a price estimate that works for you.

This tool has been developed based on our housekeeping experience, but no computer is smarter than our family of cleaning professionals. On the day of your first service, you’ll be able to agree on the time and cost of the clean together. Please note that cost is also based on the condition and overall size of your home, and your cleaner works on an hourly rate (per person).

We’re all about flexibility – so if, for example, you have two bathrooms but only need one cleaned regularly, just let your cleaner know!

Cleaners charge their services according to the following hourly rates:

Regular cleaning and housekeeping:

  • Weekly, fortnightly or monthly: $40 per hour, per cleaner

Your cleaner won’t charge premium levies for extra inclusions over and above standard surface cleaning. They’ll let you know upfront what’s achievable within the time you have booked, and together you can decide which priorities on your wish list are more important or whether you need to book more time for your service. Your cleaner won’t work longer than you’ve both agreed to, so there will never be any hidden price surprises!

There is a minimum call-out fee, but this is only two hours for the most popular services. When you book, there are no extra fees added on top, so what you see is exactly what you get!

The minimum call-out fees are as follows:

  • Regular cleaning: $80 (two labour hours)

A simple ‘pay on the day’ policy and payment options are cash or bank transfer paid directly to your cleaner. If you do pay by bank transfer, just send the payment screenshot to your cleaner. On request, your cleaner will happily supply a tax receipt.

Please remember that cleaning crews are small, independent operators who rely on this income for their everyday expenses, so one missed payment does make a big difference to them.


We’re the good kind of different. Our team of Mother Ducks hand-match you with your dream cleaner, and all our crews are empowered with all the tips & tricks we’ve learnt over the years. Our happiness guarantee also means you can try us risk-free – if you’re not 100% happy, we’ll make it right! See more on Our Difference page online.

When you use the online estimate tool, you’ll instantly receive an approximate time and cost estimate for a general or detailed clean of your home. This estimate is based off the information you provide and the service you select. Within this tool, you also have the option to change the amount of time you book your cleaner for, giving you the flexibility to choose what works for your budget.

On the day of your first clean, your cleaner will be upfront about what they can do within the allocated time and work with you to make sure you get as much value as you can from your clean.

Once your booking request is received, we get straight to work matching you with a cleaner. If there’s anything we need to discuss with you in detail or you’ve requested a call, we will give you a ring.

Once we have coordinated your clean, we’ll send you a booking confirmation via email and text message with your cleaner’s profile and contact details. For Regular cleans your Dream Cleaner will be in touch with you directly to arrange a day and time that suits you best for your service.

Our customer service team will always do their best to facilitate next-day bookings. However, due to high demand and most of our cleaners being pre-booked in advance, it’s not always possible for us to arrange a same-day service at this stage – we’ll always do our best to help you out though.

Yes, and we’re sure you want to meet your cleaner too!

To get the most out of your service, we ask that you’re available to meet with your cleaning crew on their first visit, in order to discuss your expectations and agree on the required time/costs. If you have booked a priority service, this is extremely important to ensure the crew works on the tasks that matter to you most.

Moving forward, you can organise to leave a key, along with a note if there is any change in your priorities. If you take a new cleaning crew on board at a later date, you’ll also need to meet them in person on their first visit to your home. Our cleaners guarantee a high standard of work for the tasks that you’ve agreed to, so communication is vital!

Please don’t tidy beforehand; that’s our job! Simply be available to meet your cleaner, because they want to know if you like the towels folded a specific way or need certain areas targeted. In our experience, this makes a difference to the outcome – see our How It Works page for more details.

For regular cleaning your cleaners will bring their own eco-friendly products at no extra charge to you. If you have any of your own products for special surfaces or furniture in your home, please let the cleaner know and they’ll happily use these.

For hygiene reasons, your cleaner will just ask you to supply your own mop and vacuum. If you don’t have these or they don’t work very well, please leave a note in your booking request or call our customer service team and we will aim to match you with a crew that can supply these.

Because we specialise in long-term placements, we match you with one cleaner or a single crew (usually two people) who will service your home on an ongoing basis. We understand your home is your sanctuary, so we want to match you up with a cleaning crew who naturally fit into your environment. Your cleaner becomes an expert on your home – remembering to make the kids’ beds with their teddies lined up in a specific way, and to scratch the dog’s ear in that special spot.

If you don’t feel we have matched you up with the right cleaning crew, we can always organise you a replacement crew to try out until we find the right fit.

If your crew is sick or going on leave, we’ll arrange for a new crew to step in while they’re gone. And if it so happens that your cleaner can’t continue working with you on a permanent basis, we’re more than happy to arrange another crew who will fit your needs.

Your cleaner values your trust, just like we value yours. Each cleaner and cleaning crew is a small, independent operator who relies on your home to make a living. Your cleaner won’t enforce any cancellation fees, so we do ask that you consider their loss of income if you cancel without leaving us enough time to help them fill their schedule. We also understand that your circumstances may change, so wherever possible please provide 48 hours to cancel a regular booking.


Your wish list is our pleasure! We encourage you to share your list of priorities with your cleaner, to ensure the important things are always done. You have direct contact with your cleaner, so you are always welcome to send them a text message if there’s something you forgot to mention, like that pasta explosion in the microwave.

We love furry friends – our cleaners often have their own fur-families themselves so they’re very used to tackling random fur and stains, and use eco products to protect pet health. Your cleaner will also pay attention to little things, like filling an empty water bowl or remembering to close doors and safety gates for those pets who like to escape!

Human connection is at the crux of everything we do, because we’re driven to help others and make a genuine difference (whether small or big) in people’s lives. Our happiness guarantee means that if you’re not completely happy, we’ll do everything in our power to make it right.

We genuinely care about what you think and rely on our reputation to continue supporting small local operators in our community. In the event of honest oversights or if you’d like to try another cleaning crew to compare, please contact our office team. You can expect us to go above and beyond in facilitating a stress-free, quality service. We have an array of excellent, hard-working people, trained and ready to clean your home.

We know everyone says this, but we really care what you think! We’re continually improving the way we operate based on the feedback of the customers we’re here to help – so we genuinely appreciate any comments you have about your service. If you have a minute, please feel free to contact us – we’d love to hear your thoughts!

We will also email you for no other reason than to check in – it’s just what Mother Ducks do. Whatever you need, just ask and our Mother Ducks will make it happen.

The Cleaners ...

We’re stringent in making sure all due diligence is done. Police checks, public liability insurance and references are all checked (and then double checked) for your peace of mind. We also put all cleaners through their paces, so we can see whether they have the right personality, communication skills and attention to detail to be placed into homes.

Yes, you absolutely can. We have grown a large network of cleaners in Brisbane and Sydney, which means there is always a replacement available should you feel your current cleaner isn’t quite the right fit. Just call us to arrange a fill-in or replacement, and please also take the time to share your feedback with us, so we can match you with a cleaner who will meet your expectations.

Of course – for your peace of mind, your cleaner has public liability insurance. Please note that public liability insurance excludes cover for the actual cleaner themselves, so it’s important that you consider your own household worker insurance. Feel free to check out WorkCover Queensland for more information.

To get a quick reply, call or email us – we’re always on standby for curly questions and general chit-chat. Please note our office hours are Monday to Friday, 8am to 5pm (except public holidays).