We believe learning is a lifelong pursuit. From the fun (and very random) facts our kids teach us to interesting books, there is always something new to soak up.

The other thing we cherish is customer feedback, so we’ve connected the dots between the two and launched the Dream Clean Academy! 

What is it exactly? It’s a place where we use customer feedback to inspire weekly refresher training sessions that empower our crews and keep them at the top of their eco cleaning game. 

If you’re here reading our cleaning blog, we’re guessing streak-free floors give you starry eyes. And that ‘starry-eyed’ feeling is why we launched the Dream Clean Academy. 

By introducing weekly training sessions that cover extra ways to surprise and delight, we’re lifting our own standards even higher. Because streak-free floors are just the start of the cleaning tips and tricks we have up our sleeve! 

Weekly might seem like a lot, but between ovens, high dusting and carpet spot cleaning, there are so many details to cover when it comes to house cleaning. Here is what the academy means for you, plus a few cleaning tips from recent training sessions!

Your opinion deserves to be heard, and that’s why our Mother Ducks regularly reach out to customers to see what else we could be doing. Maybe there’s a service you wished we could offer or an idea you’d like passed onto your crew. Whatever it is, we want to hear about it.

The Dream Clean Academy is where your feedback comes full circle to be implemented.

Lately we’ve had lots of requests for cleaning ahead of birthdays, baby showers and meet-the-parents dinner parties, so events was the first workshop we kicked off with. 

Shiny wine glasses? Check. Fresh-as-a-daisy entertaining areas? Check.

If you’re familiar with our story, you will know that a big part of our mission is to empower cleaners.

Being a cleaner is a chance to lighten the load for families just like yours, and we believe that’s a meaningful job to be proud of. 

We have helped hundreds of cleaners to gain confidence and new skills, and the Dream Clean Academy is an opportunity for crews to workshop anything they need help with.

When every cleaner feels supported, they do their best work and bring their bubbliest vibes to your home.

The whole point of hiring a house cleaner is to find someone who fits into the rhythm of your household while also making your shower screen shine like new. 

With our Dream Clean Academy, we continue our mission to train good people to be the very best house cleaners.

First and foremost, we find empathetic people who intuitively care about the little things. They are the kind of people who will remember how you prefer the cutlery to be put away or your towels folded. The rest – such as oven cleaning and window washing – we can teach. 

Every crew is put through comprehensive training when they join us, and refresher training through the Academy helps them to keep all those skills sharp. So far we’ve covered dishwasher cleaning, how to mop without straining the back and efficient ironing techniques – all so each cleaner can work swiftly (and safely) around your place. 

Because sharing is caring, here are the 3 tips that cleaners have loved most so far:

  1. Before ironing, take a few seconds to sort your garments by fabric. Then iron the garments that require the least amount of heat first and work up from there. No more flicking between temperature settings or accidentally using full heat on that delicate blouse.
  2.  To prevent getting sore muscles or a sore back after mopping, stand close to the mop and move in short sweeping motions (rather than bending all over the place as you reach forward and backwards).
  3. After emptying the bin, wipe it out with disinfectant. Then leave it outside in the sun to dry and naturally deodorise (our crews do this first up and bring the bin back inside before they leave). 

This academy is all part of our commitment to connect you with your dream cleaner. As we move into summer, we’ll be looking at seasonal touches, like sprucing up outdoor furniture. Got something you’d like covered for your clean? Just email [email protected] and we’ll add it to the schedule! – The Mother Ducks