After 20 years of cleaning Brisbane homes, we’ve noticed that spring cleaning is far more than just an annual dust of the ceiling fans. It’s a clean slate that makes you feel organised and in control – and that’s precisely why spring cleaning is so good for the soul.

Have you ever noticed that doing the dishes daily can feel like a chore, but donning the rubber gloves for spring cleaning somehow feels exciting? 

That’s because the accumulation of dirt and clutter has a pretty staggering impact on your mindset. While we can’t have picture-perfect homes all the time (life’s far too busy for that), spring cleaning is a chance to reset and refresh. 

It science of cleaning works like this: 

  1. The presence of clutter takes up brain space, which limits your ability to process other information. 
  2. That means when you’re in a cluttered space or constantly frustrated by little things like the spider webs in the cornices, it’s harder to focus, be grateful and feel present.
  3. Over time, this pattern has a negative impact on your overall mindset.

That is why your brain feels like it is getting a massage when spring cleaning time rolls around! 

We see this time and time again with our customers. The feedback we get is always about how refreshed people feel in their clean home or how they’re finally back in control. 

Now that September is just a couple of weeks away, we thought we’d share a method for tackling your spring clean, plus ways to get the most value if you choose to hire a cleaner to help you out.

Declutter and reorganise before you start spring cleaning

The whole point of a spring clean is to finally do those jobs you always put off. So make these your top priority – that way if you run out of time to do everything on your wish list, you will still feel accomplished. 

We recommend starting with spaces that need reorganising or decluttering. Finishing a job like this is a big mental win that will make you feel motivated to see your spring clean through to the end. 

Here are some of our tips for getting organised before you start cleaning. 

  • Wardrobe and linen cupboard: Rotating your wardrobe to put your winter woolies at the back and summer clothes to the front will save you constantly rummaging for things as the seasons change. Do the same with your linen cupboard so that summer sheets are within easy reach and blankets are tucked away. This is a simple one, but it makes each day that bit easier!
  • Bathroom cupboard and pantry: These are other areas where things can be hard to find. Throw away any old or expired products and then sort what’s left into baskets or tiered shelving so that all items are within easy reach.
  • Spare room and garage: These spaces can easily become dumping grounds. Whether you have a lot of clutter to deal with or just need to reorganise a few things, give yourself more time than you think you’ll need. Sorting through things you don’t use often is a time-consuming task and you may feel deflated if you think you’ll knock it over in an hour, when in fact you need at least half a day. (And remember these spaces are home to endless mementos that are bound to distract you!)

Once you have tackled your main problem areas, then we recommend getting into those cleaning tasks. Decluttering can stir up a lot of dust, so you’ll be making more work for yourself if you try to clean before reorganising things.

The other reason why we recommend working this way is that you can always bring someone in to help out with cleaning if you run out of time to finish a spring clean by yourself. On the other hand, decluttering and organising your clothes is a far more personal process that only you can do. 

And that leads us to…

How to get the most value from your spring clean

If you’re planning to hire a cleaner here in Brisbane for your spring cleaning, there are some ways you can get more value from your investment. 

1. Clear the decks  

The first step is to clear out main spaces before your cleaner arrives, so they can focus on cleaning rather than picking things up. 

2. Prioritise what’s most important

We recommend that make a list of your priorities for your spring clean, because the intention is to get to all those jobs you don’t have time for on a daily basis. 

Your priorities might include …

  • Washing walls
  • High dusting
  • Polishing furniture
  • Removing lint from the dryer 
  • Cleaning the oven and rangehood 
  • Vacuuming under large furnishings and rugs
  • Cleaning outdoor furniture

Make your priorities clear to your cleaner so they can tackle these first, and then tend to any other cleaning tasks if they have time. 

3. Book ahead

Spring is a busy time of year for cleaners (even here in Brisbane, where we don’t get much of a winter). Not only is it spring cleaning season, but many people also want to get their homes in order before the busy summer months. 

So to get a cleaner for your preferred time, book ahead. We have weekend bookings available too, so you can even work in tandem with your cleaner to get your home spotless!

So how much does it cost to hire a cleaner for spring cleaning? Just click the instant estimate bubble on our Services page and you’ll get a price straight away… because making you wait for a quote wouldn’t be much help in the mental clarity department, would it?! The tool recommends how many hours you need based on the size of your home, but you can always choose more or less depending on what needs to be done! Happy cleansing – The Mother Ducks.