The truth about our waitlist

By , October 20, 2021 11:18 am

It feels like a lifetime since we have been able to place a new booking within 48 hours! Here is what’s changed and why we now have a waitlist for new bookings…

When we first introduced a waitlist, we thought it would be a few weeks tops while we caught up on new bookings ← how optimistic were we!

Months later, it looks like the waitlist is here to stay a little longer.
Well, it’s not because we want to put you on a waitlist.

Because we know that when you decide to book a cleaner, it’s generally not a spur-of-the-moment decision.

You’ve probably been mulling it over for a while, trying to reason that you can get back on top of housework once this busy patch passes or the school holidays end.

Or perhaps you tell yourself you should just relax your standards and live with the mess.

Then finally, you move past those roadblocks. You realise it’s time to hire a cleaner. It’s all set in your mind because you know you deserve to reclaim some of your time.

And when does that moment happen? We know you want that cleaner on your doorstep yesterday. Because you just can’t pretend for a moment longer that you want to spend Sunday afternoon cleaning the bathroom (and it’s exciting to think you won’t have to).

So being on a waitlist isn’t something we want for you…

But the other alternative would be to recruit cleaners who don’t align with our business in order to meet demand – and that’s not something we want for you either!

If we are matching you with a cleaner, we are pairing you with someone who wants to be in your home for all the right reasons. Right now, that process is taking longer than usual for two reasons.

Here is what’s changed and what we’re doing to speed up the time you spend on our waitlist.

1. Priorities have shifted during the pandemic

Right now, we have more interest than ever from new customers, because more home time over the past 18 months has meant more mess!
Plus, the pandemic has made us realise what’s important (and we’d all rather be spending quality time with family than mopping) 💛 💚
This is an incredible shift we want to support – but we need more cleaners to meet demand! And that leads us to our next point…

2. We won’t lower our standards for cleaners

While we have more demand for bookings, we haven’t budged on our standards for the people we recruit. Sure we could welcome anyone to the team simply to fill a spot, but that would go against our values of kindness and being a dependable source of help for our clients.

You trust us to find beautiful humans to welcome to your home, and we have refined our recruitment process over the years to identify people who work with heart.

So while we’ve been screaming from the rooftops that we need more cleaners, we are still just as selective as we have always been about those who make it to the team.

Because we only want to match you with someone who truly wants to help you.

You have probably heard on the news that many businesses in Australia are struggling with recruitment right now. We are not alone in this challenge and we are not exaggerating when we say we have tried everything when it comes to recruitment strategies. (On that note, you can apply to work with us here).

But we have a responsibility to our clients to find cleaners who want to go above and beyond every day. We stand by that!

So to the lovely humans on our waitlist, we see you hanging in there!

We know you need help at home, and we’re busy working behind the scenes to make that happen.

Know that our waitlist is genuinely in your best interest (even if it doesn’t feel like it). We do not plan to run our bookings process like this forever and would love to get back to a place where we can fill bookings quick-smart.

But until then, we thank you for your patience.

Before you go – do you know someone looking for family-friendly work or a little pocket money?

We want them to join our family! Please share this link with them (perks include setting your own hours, choosing areas you work in and being supported by our gorgeous Mother Ducks). Your referral will help us reduce waitlist times – and your friend/family member will be joining a company with a big heart! Details here!