Are you feeling a little unsettled of late? The onset of spring makes many of us feel this way, because the end of the year is in sight, yet not quite within reach! So we asked our Mother Ducks how they keep their cool on the home stretch of each year.

How are you feeling right now? This is a funny time of year. We’re coming out of winter and into spring, which leaves us feeling energised but also a little overwhelmed that the year is almost done and dusted. 

Suddenly you’re fixating on the new year resolutions you didn’t nail, the looming presence of Christmas (and how you’ll manage to get out of hosting) plus the final school term. Yikes! 

These mind games take a toll, making the days feel like more of a grind than they really are. 

We asked around our office, friendship circles and the school gate, and everyone we spoke to is feeling the strain. It turns out it’s normal to feel like you’re in a bit of a rut as the seasons change, but don’t despair, because it’s spring and there’s a lot of life left in the year yet! 

To help you keep your sanity in check, we put our heads together and nutted out some small tweaks we’ll be using to stay calm and present. Take a look and see what will work for you…

1. Don’t dwell on those new year resolutions

New year resolutions are fickle things, because it’s human nature to overestimate how much we can realistically get done in an hour, day, month and year. 

As the months left in the year dwindle, it’s pretty common to start reflecting on everything you haven’t done thus far. So instead, focus on what you’ve already achieved this year; write them down and celebrate those wins!  

Also remember that there is plenty of time to pick one thing to work on. Your thing could be cooking a new recipe each week, reducing plastic waste or spending more time with your kids – whatever it is, give yourself a pat on the back as you make it happen!

2. Give yourself buffer time each day

To minimise the feeling of being in a constant hurry as the end of the year approaches, give yourself more time than you think you’ll need to do certain things. 

Simple tweaks like leaving earlier for appointments will give you little slices of the day to simply sit and be present in-between commitments. This mindset also reduces the risk of overloading your schedule with things!

3. Plant some seedlings

If you want a daily reminder to take things at a steadier pace, plant some seeds or seedlings and watch them grow. 

They’ll take their time to sprout and blossom, and each time you water them you’ll be reminded to slow down just a little bit. And at the end you’ll have a beautiful plant to admire! (Tag us @familyclean as your plant blossoms, so we can see its progress!)

Plants don’t rush, even if we’d like to hurry along their growth, and that leads us to our final tip…

4. Take things one day at a time

We are always counting days in our head, whether it’s the number of days until the weekend or the number of days since you swore off coffee. This constant counting actually makes things harder, not easier, despite what you may think. 

The constant tallying of numbers not only adds to your mental load, it also can make it harder for some people to develop positive habits. Have you ever signed up a gym and said to yourself, “Well I’ve been twice this week already, so I can give tonight a miss.”

Instead, treat each day as a clean slate. By fixing your gaze on things you can control that day, you’ll feel far less strung out!

Let’s all take a moment to breathe deeply! We’re really passionate about mindset because what we do is all about giving you more time to live on your terms. To get more tips like these, sign up to our newsletter below and we’ll bring a monthly dose of loveliness to your inbox! – The Mother Ducks

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