Affordable and Quality Spring Hill Cleaners

Sometimes an extra set of hands to help keep on top of the housework can go a long way towards reclaiming precious time with your family. Family Clean’s Spring Hill cleaners could be the little extra help you’ve been looking for!

Family Clean is a domestic cleaning agency. We take enormous pride in our family of Spring Hill cleaners who have all been screened and rigorously trained to help get your home cleaned and looking spotless in no time!

Spring Cleaning Services in Spring Hill

While we offer a regular cleaning service, sometimes all you need is a bit of help to give your home a deep, rejuvenating cleanse. Our spring cleaning service is a great way to keep on top of those hard-to-reach areas that often get away from you – especially here in Brisbane with our breezy, dust-collecting homes and humidity.

Our cleaning team are highly trained, fully insured and committed to going that extra mile. We match you with cleaners who thrive on seeking out the faintest cobweb, cleaning underneath the couch and targeting build-up.

Usually, spring cleaning is done once a year, but it’s a great service if you’re looking to spruce up your home in time for Christmas or any special occasions.We also recommend a detailed spring clean before commencing a regular cleaning service as it makes your home cheaper and easier to maintain.

Cleaning the Kitchen – A Part of the Spring Cleaning Process

When we say kitchen, we mean everything, including oven cleaning! 

When you walk into your kitchen after our team is done, you can expect to see some shiny and glossy stovetops, rangehood, cupboard fronts, backsplash, benchtops, sinks, door frames, light switches, skirting boards, no cobwebs or marks and floors neatly vacuumed and mopped.

What more can you ask from a professional cleaning service in Spring Hill?

Of course, spring cleaning is not limited to your kitchen. In the same and systematic way, we will cover all the rooms of your home to ensure that everything is cleaned thoroughly.

Bathroom Cleaning – A Tedious Task

It may be a tedious task for you, but not for the Family Clean cleaning professionals of Spring Hill. Our bathroom cleaning services include shower screens, shower recess, fittings and glass, bathtub, basin, vanity, toilets, mirrors, light switches, door frames, tiles and fittings. Rounding off their bathroom cleaning process is vacuuming and mopping of the bathroom floors, leaving your bathroom squeaky clean.

You’ll find a lot of cleaning businesses in Spring Hill, but the team at Family Clean truly love what they do and this shows.

We’re so committed to the quality of our service that we have our very own Happiness Guarantee.

If for any reason your clean home doesn’t make you smile from the inside out, we’ll do everything in our power to get you grinning from ear to ear. We are always by your side and this is how we take you from being overwhelmed by cleaning to confident and relaxed.

Call now on 07 3254 2400 or get an instant estimate and book online.