The Regular Cleaning Brisbane Families Have Been Looking For

Family Clean’s #1 service is the regular cleaning Brisbane families need to reclaim their time together and get back to doing what they love.

Seeking that satisfying just-cleaned sparkle in your Brisbane home? Our family of house cleaners offer flexible weekly, fortnightly and monthly cleans to take care of any regular cleaning that your Brisbane home needs. This flexible service is all about you!

At Family Clean, we pride ourselves on attention to detail and promise to do a great job, leaving you speechless and your home spotless!

Once we match you with your perfect house cleaner, the same flat hourly rate will cover anything you decide to put on your wish-list.

If you need the microwave cleaned one week and the linen cupboard rearranged the next, our dynamic regular cleaning team will have all your needs covered. If your pup needs an extra snuggle, we will be happy to do that too!

We want your regular cleaner to feel like a part of your family. Prior to the first clean, your new cleaner will schedule a meeting with you and your family to introduce themselves to make sure everyone is on the same page. This will provide an opportunity for you to discuss ongoing tasks and to explain important little details such as how you like your cushions arranged.

You will then set a schedule which works for you because this is your clean, your way.

What’s better than having your house cleaned?

We can answer that. It’s having your house cleaned by our fantastic Brisbane cleaning team because we respect your home, family, and fur-babies as much as you do.

For more information about our regular cleaning Brisbane service, feel free to get in touch on 07 3254 2400 or send us an email at [email protected]

How our regular cleaning service works

It’s important to note that when you book a regular cleaning service, you are simply booking an allocated time slot for your regular cleaning service, not necessarily a fixed weekly to-do list.

You can stick to the essentials, or change things up as much as you need! With this handy freedom, every inclusion is priced at the same flat hourly rate.

Our team does a fantastic job cleaning every nook and cranny in your home.

The main areas our home cleaning services take care of are:

  • Bathroom – shower, toilet, bathtub, basin
  • Kitchen – benchtop, cooktop, cupboard, microwave, sink
  • General – dusting, wiping furniture, mopping, vacuuming

Getting into the nitty-gritty:

If a little time has passed since your house has had a head-to-toe clean, we suggest booking a spring clean prior to your regular clean for the best results. 

Your regular house cleaner will advise you if you have requested inclusions which will take them longer than your usual booking and service (for example, the oven, windows or fridge), so you can prioritise for each clean.

All our regular cleaning Brisbane experts carry their own cleaning products, so there is no need to worry about having enough cleaning products in the house!

However, we do request that you do leave your vacuum and mop out for hygiene reasons.

We tell you these finer details now, so you know exactly what to expect.

If you have any questions about our regular cleaning services, our customer service team,  commonly know at Family Clean as the Mother Ducks, are available whenever you need to ask a question, request a service, or would like more information about our professional cleaning services.

Frequently asked questions

What’s included in my service?

We include the things that are important to you! Your cleaner works to your priorities in your allocated service time, and you can change up your wishlist as you need. Ovens, windows and laundry are all included in your flat hourly rate – plus eco and hygiene treatment cleaning products are supplied at no cost.

How much do you charge?

We’ve done our best to deliver a premium, home-friendly service at an affordable flat rate. Your service is fully inclusive of cleaning products and items on your wishlist, plus there are no booking fees or upfront payments (you pay on the day). Regular cleaning starts from just $74 – get an instant estimate on our website.

How much time should I book?

Choose a duration depending on your budget and priorities, or let us calculate the time for you. Our intuitive instant estimate tool gives you a quote based on the size of your home, and lets you book online. To talk to a human before booking, call our Mother Ducks on (07) 3254 2400.

How do I prepare for my first service?

Please don’t tidy beforehand; that’s our job! Simply be available to meet your cleaner, because they want to know if you need certain areas targeted, or if you like the cushions arranged a specific way. In our experience, this is what sets us apart from other cleaners – see our How It Works page for more details.

Why Family Clean?

Our cleaners are a hand-picked family who respect your space and value you and your family.

Whether it’s a chat over morning tea, an on-the-run phone call, or a sit down after dinner, we take the time to actually get to know you and how you like things done.

When you choose Family Clean, you get:

  • Meticulously trained cleaners
  • The luxury of choice
  • An eco touch with eco-friendly products included at no extra cost
  • A good-old-fashioned honesty policy
  • A Brisbane-wide network of cleaner and housekeepers
  • A crew of fast movers

We have a happiness guarantee, and we genuinely mean it. At the end of a long workday, we want you and your family to be happy no matter what.

We know it’s the smallest pleasures that leave the biggest mark, so we never lose sight of the tiny details when house cleaning for our families in Brisbane and beyond.