New year, new you? We don’t think so! Starting the year obsessing over all the things you wish you could do better only shifts your focus into a negative space. So instead of feeling excessive pressure to be a new-and-improved you, why not simply commit to taking better care of yourself in 2019? With these simple self-care ideas, you will set yourself up for a fulfilling 2019.

1.  Set realistic resolutions

Do you begin each year with a list of self-improvement resolutions? Whether you want to start a new hobby, sign up for volunteering or spend more time exercising, it is important to be realistic about what you can achieve, because life is about to get back into full swing as the year winds up.

In her book Get Remarkably Organised, Lorraine Murphy recommends ‘layering’ new habits into your life. That means starting with one small step and gradually taking things up a notch from there. Similarly in her experiment called The Happiness Project, Gretchen Rubin layered one new habit into her lifestyle every month, making her list of goals achievable.

And if you do like the idea of volunteering this year, Little Star Kids and Orange Sky Laundry are two amazing Brisbane-based charities you can consider supporting.

2.  Actually use those gift vouchers from Christmas

How many times have you let gift vouchers expire because you kept forgetting to arrange a time to use them? If you received a voucher for an experience such as a weekend away, facial or massage, make sure you redeem it now by making a booking. Even if the booking is a few months away, you will have it to look forward as the year starts to ramp up.

3.  Say no when you need to

Right now, you are recovering from the busy Christmas period and the year that was. Not only do you need time to simply relax and unwind, your finances probably also need time to rebound as well. If you receive an invitation that you cannot commit to, remind yourself that it’s okay to politely decline and arrange another time or occasion to catch up with friends and family. Apply this same mindset to school holiday commitments too, so you aren’t over-extending yourself and your kids.

4.  Make a schedule of fun activities

While those holiday vibes are still fresh, have a ‘fun’ planning session (because New Year’s resolutions aren’t all about sensible new habits). If you are the kind of person to um and ah about what you want to do with your precious free time, this is the perfect solution.

Sit down now and make a list of all the fun things you want to do this year. Ideas of things to add to the list include:

  • New beaches or parks you want to visit
  • Classes you want to take
  • Recipes you would like to make
  • All those films and TV shows you have been meaning watch
  • Cafes and restaurants you want to try

Then each weekend you can simply pick something you’re in the mood for, rather than wasting your leisure hours Googling and trying to come up with a plan at the last minute.

5.  Be okay with the idea of asking for help

Did you feel completely wrung out at the end of last year? Then chances are you had too much on your plate, so don’t be afraid to bring in help where you need it. That could be organising a meal delivery service, arranging for someone to look after the kids (either paid help or reaching out to family, friends and neighbours) or getting your home cleaned. Finding ways to lighten the load and surrounding yourself with a network of people who are there for you will give you back precious time to unwind.

Still want to make some kind of New Year’s resolution?
We asked some of our Mother Ducks team the resolutions they’re making in 2019: 

  • Kylie (Customer Service Manager) : I love reading, so I am aiming to read a new book each month. I’m starting off with “What Alice Forgot” by  Liane Moriarty.
  • Sigrid (HR) : I’m planning to meditate for 20 minutes each day.
  • Hannah (Customer Service) : I want to join a club, take yoga classes and start playing netball again.
  • Gabby (Customer Service) : I am going to practice mindfulness everyday.

We know that the wheels never stop spinning, but you can give yourself small moments each day or each week to unwind in ways that work for you.

Best wishes for 2019! – The Mother Ducks x