Our busy lifestyles, kids and 9-5 jobs mean that we have minimal time for taking care of our home. But these small tips for house cleaning will keep you well on your way to maintaining a tidy and organised home with minimal effort.

House cleaning should involve putting the kitchen to bed each night
An ancient tip from the homemakers of old is to put the kitchen to bed each night. In the modern age, this means putting all cutlery, plates, bowls, utensils, pots and pans in the dishwasher and making sure to wipe down all the bench surfaces. For something fresh and fancy we recommend putting some non-toxic essential oils in a spray bottle to give your kitchen and benches that extra clean and refreshing smell.  

We believe in using products that are eco-friendly and safe for pets to give you an exceptional clean without harsh toxins. We are natural homemakers at heart who specialise in housekeeping and house cleaning in Brisbane. We firmly believe that the heart of the home is the people, the treasures we gather and the stories within. When you have the privilege of hiring a cleaner to make your home shine, you gain more precious time for these treasures.

Making your bed and encouraging your children to do the same
Such a simple act sets your day up for success because in your mind you have already achieved something and it is one of the simplest daily tasks that is so often overlooked. When we tidy our space we set an example for our children and we can encourage them to follow suit.

How to easily clean your shower
The bathroom is a frequently used space that is often overlooked for a detail clean. But the simple act of keeping a squidgy in the bathroom somewhere to wipe down the shower for those pesky soap and water stains can transform your space. It’s the little things that truly count when it comes to cleaning.

Everything needs to have a home
Probably one of the most overlooked components of tidying up is making sure every item has a home that it leaves and comes back too. Quite often we form habits where our items don’t have permanent homes in the house and float around causing chaos and getting lost in the rubble. How many times have you said “where’s my keys?” or “where’s my handbag?” because we don’t have a permanent place for these items.    

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Booking only takes a couple of minutes, and gives you back hours of quality time to spend with your loved ones in the comfort of a fresh and sparkling clean home.

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