Peek inside the homes of our team!

By , October 22, 2019 2:04 pm

Home means something slightly different to everyone. It’s a place for family, friends, downtime, fresh starts and testing out new hobbies. It’s also the place where our most treasured possessions live. So this month we’re introducing you to our team by giving you a peek at the treasures in their homes. After all, we’re all about cherishing your home, so it’s only fair we share ours with you too!



Rowena is one of the most sentimental people you’ll meet, and if you’ve got children, we’re sure you’ll relate to this treasured possession of hers! Rowena steers our ship with her kind and thoughtful nature, and personally replies to every review we receive

“In my home, the item that I really love is this photograph of our son, Rocco, being held by his daddy when he was just 8 days old. I adore those *cheeks* and watching him sleeping on his little arm, all cocooned in his daddy’s hands. It’s a beautiful moment. Now when we move, or when I rearrange the furniture, this is one of the first things I find a ‘home’ for…”


Customer and Crew Administrator

Kerry is an admin superstar, so of course she’s a fan of efficient gardening! Kerry’s plants were also the inspiration for part of this series of sanity-saver tips

“I love my newly potted succulents. They’re perfect for busy people who forget to water their pot plants regularly! I look forward to watching them flourish and flow over the pots.”


Mother Duck/Customer Service

Gabby is the person who checks in with you to see how your cleaner is going. Her travels to Africa captured our imaginations, and we love her for endeavouring to make a positive impact during her holidays.

“These pieces are from Original T Bag Designs in Cape Town. We had a holiday in Africa a few years ago and we stayed with a friend in Cape Town who arranged for us to visit this place. They are made from dried-out teabags and they support the local community. It is quite cool how something as humble as a tea bag can make such a difference.”


Mother Duck/Customer Service

Joanne naturally makes friends wherever she goes, and that’s why our customers love her so much. You’ll chat to her if you ever have a question for us, and don’t be surprised if she has a travel tale to tell you too!

 “This part of my home is filled with knick-knacks from my travels to China, Bolivia, Cambodia and Peru – just to name a few. It reminds me of all the amazing places I’ve visited and the people I’ve met.”


Mother Duck/Customer Service

Having moved to Brisbane from the UK, Hannah’s favourite thing is this city! Her positive outlook on life is why she’s such a delight to have around at HQ. And we have to agree with her; Brisbane is an absolutely beautiful place to call home!

“The view from my window will always be my favourite space in my home. Every night the Story Bridge lights up a different colour and it is just… stunning. When I think about the view we had back in Yorkshire – compared to the one we have here in New Farm – there is just no comparison! We are so lucky to watch the sunrise and sunset from this view every day.”


Crew Care

Tricia supports our crews to make sure they’re getting joy from their work. So where does she get her joy from? It turns out that art makes her happy when she gets home! 

“The moment I saw this painting hanging in the beautiful space at The Creative Collective, I knew I had to have it!! The colours in this painting make me so happy – it really brings me joy!”


Performance Culture and Management Support

Being our go-to for team performance, Sigrid understands that taking time out has positive effects in all areas of life. And don’t you just want to curl up in this chair with a good book?! 

“I think it’s really important to create intentional spaces for those times when you need to recharge (like reading or meditating).”



Giovana is about to welcome a little girl into the world and us Mother Ducks can’t contain our excitement, because family is what we love best! 

“At the moment my favourite place at home is my bedroom, because it is where we are keeping our baby stuff until we set up the baby’s room. I just love staring at all of the cute little things we’ve collected before the baby arrives.”



Amy has a keen design eye – she creates all of our graphics and finds so many beautiful home images to share on Instagram – and now we know where she gets her inspiration!

“One of my favourite things in my home is my coffee table book by Mon Palmer. I love all things design, so when I need the creative juices to flow again, this is one of the first things I grab.”

People make the world go around and we are so proud of the kind and caring people who look after our customers every day. You can meet more of our team over here… – The Mother Ducks

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