Mums are amazing people. But there is one thing most mums are terrible at – and that is telling you exactly what they want for Mother’s Day! We know, because our team is full of mums, and most of us are guilty of over-using this little phrase … ‘all I want for Mother’s Day is for everyone to be happy’. Sound familiar? So this year we decided to get a bit more specific and planed out a perfect Mother’s Day in Brisbane. Here are the mum-endorsed tips we can guarantee your mother will *really, really* love!

1. Let her sleep in

Instead of buying her facemasks or a facial, just let your mum sleep in. Honestly, it’s the most precious (and restorative) gift you can give a mum, no matter how old her kids are!

2. If you’re planning breakfast in bed, opt for pancakes  

As lovely as breakfast in bed is, cleaning toast crumbs out of the sheets is always a fiddly job. That’s why pancakes are our top pick for an indulgent, mess-free breakfast in bed. These fluffy pancakes are really easy to whip up – and your mum will be so impressed you made them from scratch!

3. Book in an activity for her

Your mum makes hundreds of little decisions each day, all in the name of keeping the household ticking along. Most days she is probably planning what to cook for dinner before the clock has even hit 9am, and that’s just the beginning …

So instead of asking your mum what she wants to do for Mother’s Day, go ahead and plan something for her! She’ll love that you put in the effort, and will appreciate not having to make a decision (because decision fatigue is a very real thing!)

Here are some ideas your mum may enjoy …

  • Lunch at her favourite cafe or a restaurant she wants to try (be sure to book in advance, as Mother’s Day is popular)
  • Tickets to a creative workshop, like this resin jewellery class
  • A family picnic with her favourite cheeses and treats
  • A mini Mother’s Day yoga retreat  
  • A trip to the Botanic Gardens at Mt Coot-tha for the Mother’s Day weekend rose show

If you’re trying to decide on a cafe, we’ve found 5 kid-friendly cafes in Brisbane with a balance between space and food for the kids, plus fantastic brunch and coffee for mum and dad!

4. Buy a local gift with meaning     

You are probably starting to notice a theme here: thoughtfulness! A small gift chosen with thought will mean the world to your mum. We put together a guide of local Brisbane boutiques at Christmas-time, and in there you will find places to shop for eco, home and creative gifts!  

But if you really want to surprise your mum on Mother’s Day, try this – while you’re out for the day, organise for a cleaner to give the house a big clean! She’ll never expect it and we can vouch from past experience that mums absolutely LOVE this idea.

If your mum is hosting Mother’s Day, we suggest a surprise clean ahead of the big day, so she doesn’t feel stressed about tidying up! You can call our Mother Ducks to organise this, or opt for a gift voucher that your mum can redeem whenever she likes.

The mums on our team also love charity donations made on their behalf!  

5. Leave dinner in the fridge      

A free pass on cooking is the ultimate end to Mother’s Day. Arrange to cook her dinner, or leave something like a lasagne in the fridge to heat up. That will mean she can spend the evening reading a book, soaking in the bath or watching Wine Country on Netflix, which is being released just in time for Mother’s Day.

A little thought goes a long way on Mother’s Day, and your mum will love anything you plan for her! – The Mother Ducks