Hygiene Treatment T&Cs

Please note that $55 hygiene treatment is for a standard size, 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom home.  Additional $10/bedroom.  If a full general clean or housekeeping tasks may be needed (in addition to this service), your cleaner will just charge $37/hr/pp for their time.

15 Point Checklist for Hospital Grade Disinfectant Hygiene Treatment includes:

1.       Light switches

2.       Wall outlets/ powerpoints

3.       Exterior door handles

4.       Interior door handles

5.       Counter tops

6.       Bathroom faucets / taps

7.       Kitchen faucets / taps

8.       Kitchen cabinet handles

9.    Appliance handles (kettles, ovens, microwave, toaster buttons, dishwasher, coffee machines, fridge etc.)

10.   Bathroom surfaces (all handles of draws, cabinets, shower screens, towel rails, toilet flush buttons, taps, water spouts, shower mixers (taps)

11.   Toilets and buttons

12.   High-touch windows spots

13.   Thermostats

14.   Interior intercoms

15.   Bedside tables