New logo, check. New website, check. Same us, check! We’ve had a makeover to better reflect who we are and the future we want to create, and it fills us with joy to share this chapter of our story with you.

If you have worked on a branding project before, you will know that it starts with a fun afternoon pinning images of logo and stationery on Pinterest and ends with an unexpected amount of soul searching. Part of the process is answering questions along the lines of …

  • What values are important to your business?
  • What kind of difference are you trying to make in the world?

These are things we think about a lot, but articulating them through a logo or the design of a website is quite another thing! Since day one, we have simply wanted to help other people. When it was just Joey, these people were our customers, but as we grew the focus had to include our cleaners too, and how we could make their lives better.

What we’ve also learned along the way is that our idea of spreading happiness is a pretty disruptive one in the cleaning industry, where many workers are sadly undervalued and forced to work long hours just to make ends meet.

But when you treat people well and respect the work they do, they give you 110% every day. By simply being good humans to cleaners, we are able to bring out the best in the people who clean your home.

That’s why we now say with confidence that we’ve found your dream cleaner.

We tell you this story, because when we decided to update our website, we simply wanted to create a new booking tool that would make the process of finding and booking a cleaner really easy. But we ended up on a journey where we’ve painted a really clear picture of who we are not just as business, but as people.

Through this process, we have realised that we are passionate about a very long list of things, including …

  • Making it easy for homeowners to find cleaners they can count on
  • Creating opportunities for smart, kind-hearted cleaners to find meaningful work
  • Making more time to spend with family and friends
  • Being kind to the environment and our health
  • Celebrating the uniqueness of every home and every family
  • Always making time for pats with fur-babies
  • Cake (or any type of baked goods, really)

It was a chance to look forward to the kind of future we want to create, and to look back on all the good times and wonderful customers that have led us to this point.

And what does that future look like?

It’s one where small acts of kindness are valued as much as tangible possessions. It’s one where we respond with ‘great’ instead of ‘busy’ when asked how we’ve been.

Modern homes are changing, so we’re changing with you. Family life is never dull and we believe that getting help should add to the richness of your home life.

So, cake aside, we have now distilled our purpose into two clear mantras …

1. To create life-changing opportunities for cleaners

It takes a special kind of person to want to help others every day, so we have created a space to celebrate the cleaners who share this vision. We find people who genuinely want to lend a hand to others, and we’re so proud that their work with us helps them to get closer to their dreams.

As one cleaner, Tenzin, puts it: “I love my job, because I consider it a noble job.”

2. To make a profound difference to your quality of life

We know it’s the small things that make a difference to your day – like coming home to find all your charger cables unknotted and neatly folded, and order restored to the Tupperware drawer.

When all the little things are taken care of, there is more time for the things that matter most, like spending downtime with family and friends, being able to cook nourishing meals from scratch and fuelling your mind with a good book. That’s why you deserve a cleaner who cares enough to make that extra bit of effort, and we’ve already found that person for you (here is a little more about how it works).

Take a look around the new website and tell us what you think! We hope you love it as much as we do! If you’re here for the first time, start at the beginning with our story. – The Mother Ducks