Your health comes first

If you have an existing cleaning service or you need help at home, we are sure you have a few questions regarding COVID-19 and your health.

At a time like this, we take our name, Family Clean, straight to heart. Our customers, cleaning crews and Mother Ducks are all part of one big family. And just like family, we are banding together.

To ensure we do the right thing by this wonderful family, we are making changes every day to keep everyone healthy. These are the measures we have implemented so far:



Right now, doing the right thing means doing things a little differently. We have always supplied cleaning products at no charge, and now you can opt to have a hospital-grade disinfectant included in your service at no extra cost – because protecting your health comes first.

We call this disinfectant Happy Hygiene, and it is produced according to guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). This product has been proven to be effective for eradicating coronavirus from surfaces, and is safe for your family and pets.


We want to remind customers that you have the option to supply your preferred cleaning products for use in your home. Our policy is ‘your clean, your way’, which means your cleaners are always happy to flex around your lifestyle and wishes.

Please advise your cleaner which option you prefer:

  1. Continuing with your cleaners usual products
  2. Adding Happy Hygiene to your service (at no extra cost)
  3. Using other preferred products that you will supply


All cleaning crews are being provided with protective items as we can source them, including gloves, and face masks. As there is a national shortage of face masks, one of our Mother Ducks has even been sewing face masks for crews in an attempt to meet our supply needs!

Our crews have been sent a free online course which has been issued from the Australian Government Department of Health – to complete COVID-19 Infection Control Training. A certificate of completion is provided to share once this has been done.

The Australian Government Department of Health have also issued some great resources that we have shared which translate the current coronavirus advice into many different languages, this has been helpful for our crews where English is their second language.

We’ve also increased our already-strict sanitisation procedures. Any cloths are sterilised after each service and we are reminding customers to supply their own mop and vacuum cleaner to prevent cross-contamination between homes (this is something we have always recommended, but must strictly enforce right now).



We have introduced a service that solely targets high-touch areas in the home, such as…

  • Door handles
  • Light switches
  • Sink & Tap fittings
  • Bench tops
  • Stair rails
  • Intercoms
  • TV & electric remote controls
  • Appliance handles
  • Window handles

Using our Happy Hygiene disinfectant, cleaners follow a thorough 15-point hygiene checklist to target these areas to keep your home healthy.

This service is a fixed price of $55 for a standard size home, so it’s a more affordable way to access hygienic cleaning more frequently than a regular cleaning service. Please note; this service is a specific hygiene treatment and cleaning method proven to be effective in eradicating coronavirus from high-touch surfaces – rather than just a general regular clean.

Because these treatments are vital for hygiene, we’re doing our best to offer same-day service for bookings made before 11am.

You don’t need to complete a booking request for this service – simply text our office on 0414 772 927, or use the chat function below to organise.

We’ll simply need your name, full address, email and preferred day and timeslot, either “morning” (8am-12pm), or “afternoon” (12-4pm) to book your service.

Your assigned crew will text you closer to arrival between your chosen times.


Stuck at home in the middle of a mess? We hear you & we’ve got you!

Spending more time at home (or preparing to), is what most of us are doing during this time. So how else have we been asked to help?

Combining a Deep Spring Clean with a Sanitisation Clean has been a top request, so we’ve decided to make it super easy and offer this as an all in one service, with hospital grade sanitisation for those high-touch areas at no extra cost.

So those simple moments you’ve been enjoying with your family, the work that you need to stay on top of and those long Netflix sessions can stay – we’ll create a healthy and safe home environment to bunker down in by taking care of the rest!

Bookings can be taken through our lovely MotherDucks Team via: Phone, text, email or our handy little online chat guy below.


We have also introduced a contactless option for all services, so your cleaner can keep your home hygienically cleaned while adhering to the latest recommendations. We encourage you to socially distance in another room of the house during your service, spend some time in the backyard to catch up on your gardening, take a walk around the block or schedule for a time when you are out hunting for loo paper and pasta.



Our small business really does feel like a family to us, and we’re doing everything we can to keep our crews healthy and engaged in their work. Our Mother Ducks are staying across the news and health updates, and sending daily updates to crews about how they can protect their health and yours. These updates include recommended hygiene practices and the latest research.


We have sourced extra hygiene products, including gloves, face masks and Happy Hygiene disinfectant.  So we keep everyone healthy, these are being supplied for every service, at no extra charge. Cleaners are now sending health check-ins to ensure that you are still well prior to your service, and we’re also empowering them to schedule adequate rest time and self-care when they need it.


We have never seen ourselves as just a cleaning business, because we understand that what we really do is help others. Whether that’s allowing you to regain family time or offering home help if you’re physically unable to clean, we will always be here to assist.

Right now being able to help you means creating new services and cleaning products, and protecting crews so they are able to be there for our customers.

We understand you may have questions specific to your home and family, so please call us. Our Mother Ducks are well informed and hovering by the phone to take your call: (07) 3254 2400.