Find the best cleaning services Randwick has to offer and finally tick cleaning off your to-do list.

Family owned since 1994, we’ve stood the test of time because we care. And when you’re welcoming a cleaner into your beloved home, that care factor makes a world of difference.  


Meet you Cleaners Sydney

Busy? Finding cleaning services in Randwick has never been easier!

 No smoke and mirrors here – just good people who wanna help you stress less and get on top of the housework.

Why can’t you click your fingers and have Mary Poppins on your doorstep? 

You dream of having more hours in your week. But finding the actual cleaner? That feels like a part-time job in itself…

You want ease (because having a cleaner is supposed to make your life easier). But then this is your home we’re talking about and it’s a special place, so you want to do this right. 

That’s why we’ve done the legwork to screen, insure and personality test cleaners for you (they all have to pass our kindness test). That means booking a cleaner is delightfully easy and chock full of peace of mind.


Hi, we’re Family Clean – a family-owned eco cleaning company with a big heart.

And this is how we roll… 

  • Instant online booking (because life admin should be able to happen after hours at 10pm)
  • Cleaners matched to the specifics of your booking request 
  • Fill-in cleaners available when your regular cleaner takes leave
  • No hidden costs for eco products, windows or ovens 
  • Dependable cleaners in Randwick, who are with you for the long haul 
  • Customisable service that lets you change up your wishlist as you need 

Life’s easier with a cleaner to help out. Complete a booking request to be matched with the best cleaners Randwick has to offer.


Your cleaner is one in a hundred – literally. For every cleaner we recruit, we have screened out around 99 other candidates. That’s how we guarantee your perfect match.

Our difference? We get it. 

We see you out there every day. You have a lot on your plate – and that juggle just isn’t sustainable. 

So if something has to give, it may as well be cleaning the shower. 

Here’s the thing though, it’s not easy to find a cleaner that sticks around and does things your way. We know, because when we started back in 1994, we struggled to find cleaners who matched our service values. 

So we asked ourselves a simple question: what if cleaning homes could be an empowering job? You know, one that makes our cleaners feel like they make a positive contribution to the world each day.

All these decades later and empowering cleaners is still our difference. Our cleaners in Randwick are celebrated for the life-changing work they do (because life only gets better with a good cleaner in your corner). And they work with eco products that are good for everyone’s health. 

When your cleaners are this cared for, they are motivated to go the extra mile every day. Simply put: a happy cleaner = a happy life.  

Things our cleaners love include… 

  • Seeing that smile of relief on your face (might be cheesy, but it’s true)
  • Checking in to make sure you’re happy with your service 
  • Patting fur-babies 
  • Learning what’s important to you (like how you arrange the linen cupboard and fluff the cushions)
  • Flexing around your schedule and life 

Try us and see what makes us the good kind of different. 


How to book our cleaners for Randwick (it’s a breeze – promise)

The best cleaning services Randwick
The best eco house cleaning Randwick has to offer

1. Book online

Select the amount of time you want, or let us estimate it based on your home size. Then tell us what’s on your wishlist in your booking, and we’ll match you with the right cleaner.

Cleaners who care in Randwick
Cleaners who care

2. Meet your cleaner on the day

Show your cleaner where things are (like the best powerpoints for the vacuum) and run through your wishlist. You pay on the day and there are no lock-in contracts.

Day dreaming about a cleaner?
Your Clean Your Way

3. Tell us how it went

We encourage feedback after your first service, because your cleaner is eager to learn more about you and your home. The more feedback you give, the more we can personalise your service. 

You were never meant to do it all on your own. So let us help. Rates are $40 per hour / per person for our Regular Services – and you can get a personalised instant estimate right now.


We la-la-love spending our days helping people. Busy people. Family people. Pet-crazy people. Whoever you are, we are ready to match you with a cleaner. And because we only focus on regular cleaning, you get a friendly cleaner who is with you for the long haul.

Customer stories

What people say about our cleaning services 

I am incredibly happy with Jamilla and Emily. They have communicated well, made my life easier and done all that I have asked. They work hard, are easy to deal with, finish the task to the highest of standards and are non-judgmental and supportive. Thank you for finding them for me!

– Louise, 2021

Where do I even begin…?! I have tried 3 different companies over the past few months and each time the experience has been average to poor. Needless to say, I had very low hopes. But desperately needing help to manage our household, I gave them a shot. I think the absolute difference is their staff and actual interest in doing their job with passion. I feel fortunate for the cleaner I was assigned. A very honest and hardworking individual whom I felt immediately comfortable with. And to note, the end result was superb. 

– Rebecca, 2021

Carla and Gabriel are great! Friendly and professional, and very responsive to any particular areas I ask them to focus on. Lovely to come home to a beautiful clean apartment every week. Highly recommend Family Clean.

– Susanna, 2020

600+ reviews and counting

See what else people are saying about the most supportive cleaners Randwick has to offer…


Happiness, guaranteed

If for any reason your clean home doesn’t make you smile from the inside out, our Mother Ducks will do everything in our power to get you grinning from ear to ear. Our Happiness Guarantee is your assurance that you will love the experience of booking with us.

cleaning dishes
Our Randwick cleaners difference

When you book with us, you get …

  • The same cleaner at every service 
  • Fully inclusive eco cleaning – all the extras, for no extra!
  • Same flat hourly rate, regardless of what’s on your wish list
  • On-the-day payment (no pre-payments or contracts)
  • Ongoing customer support from our Mother Ducks 
  • Service tailored to your home and lifestyle
  • Replacement cleaners
  • Delightfully easy online booking
  • Fully insured cleaners hand-matched to your home
  • Our happiness guarantee (if you’re not happy, we’ll make it right)


Ready to meet your dream cleaner? 

It’s time to swap floors for family time and dusting for date night. With instant online booking and ongoing customer support, using our cleaners for Randwick is effortless (after all, we’re here to make your life easier). We can’t wait to meet you.



“Not your average cleaners, Family Clean is the cute-as-heck family-run company that actually cares about you (and we’re not just saying that). Not only is their cleaning to a ridiculously high standard but it’s also the little touches they add that made us really take notice!”.


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