Camp Hill Cleaners

Family Clean are a Brisbane-based cleaning agency who offer a range of cleaning and housekeeping services. Whether you’re after a once-off spring clean or a regular cleaner, we work with you to make sure we focus on the service that you value the most.

Our Camp Hill cleaners are homemakers at heart and won’t hesitate to go the extra mile for your domestic bliss.

We offer all types of domestic cleaning services and tailor our service to your needs. Whether you’re after someone to simply vacuum and mop, or someone to organise your Tupperware drawer, the Family Clean family are here for you.

To get started, fill out our instant estimate form. From there, you can complete your booking online in just a few moments. Our Camp Hill cleaners use high quality, eco-friendly products to leave your house sparkling without compromising on the health of you and your family.

Family Clean’s Camp Hill cleaners are screened and rigorously trained and we have over 20 years of experience in the industry. In addition to our extensive experience, we are proud of our consistently high standards. Our lovely clients can rest assured that we are capable of handling any sized home and that we will exceed their expectations every time.

We believe in creating positive experiences. If your clean home doesn’t make you smile from the inside out, we’ll do everything in our power to get you grinning from ear to ear.

Advantages of hiring Family Clean

  • Your service inclusions are your choice
  • Individualised support from our Mother Ducks team
  • We flex around your lifestyle
  • Our eco-friendly cleaning products will give you an exceptional clean without the harsh toxins
  • All of our cleaners are screened and trained to our high standards
  • Our Happiness Guarantee means there is no risk
  • We’re affordable
  • You’ll reclaim your precious time

Cleaning Services offered by Family Clean’s Camp Hill cleaners:

Regular Cleaning and Housekeeping:

Get that satisfying just-cleaned gleam every week, fortnight or month. Choose how often you need a cleaner at your home in Camp Hill and what jobs need to be taken care of – our regular cleaning service is designed to work with you and what you need.

Once we match you with a cleaner, you pay them the same flat hourly rate regardless of what’s on your wish list. So if you need the oven cleaned one week and the linen cupboard rearranged the next, all you need to do is ask.

Your cleaner meets you before your first clean to run through ongoing tasks and learn the little details such as how you like your cushions arranged and the cutlery put away. Together you set a schedule that works for you – because this is your clean, your way.

Once-off General Cleaning:

For those times when you really need an extra set of helping hands, a catch-up clean will help to get your home in Camp Hill back in shape.

Simply specify the areas that need some tender loving care (or tough lovin’ in the case of stubborn stains and dirt) and your cleaner will work their magic.

This is a once-of service with absolutely no obligation to rebook any further cleaning services. So if you aren’t sure whether regular cleaning is right for you, this is the ideal starting point.

Detailed Spring Cleaning:

Even when you are on top of weekly surface cleaning, those hard-to-reach areas get away from you – especially here in the Brisbane suburb of Camp Hill, with our breezy, dust-collecting homes and humidity. Our spring cleaning service is designed for when your home needs a deep, rejuvenating cleanse.

We recommend a detailed spring clean before commencing a regular cleaning service, as it makes your home easier and cheaper to maintain in the long run.

Get an instant estimate and book online or call our Mother Ducks now on 07 3254 2400.