A cleaning gift voucher… say what now?

That’s usually the response we get from people when they hear about our cleaning gift vouchers for the first time.

Then they move into ‘I wish I’d known about this sooner’ territory.

If you’re like most people, you probably haven’t gifted a cleaning voucher before. So this post will help you decide which people on your list will appreciate a thoughtful gesture.

We know this isn’t just any Christmas…

It’s been one heck of a year, and thinking of others has become the most precious commodity of 2020.

So if gifting something mass-produced doesn’t feel right this year, we get it.

After all, how do you repay the friends offering constant moral support (even if they could only do so via text message)?

The loved ones who dropped off food during lockdown?

And those sweet neighbours who shared their toilet paper with you?

After a year like no other, it makes sense to shake up the way you gift. If that’s your goal this Christmas, check out the most common recipients of our gift vouchers and get inspired.

1. The person who loves experiences

Know someone always asking for massages, cinema vouchers and wine tours? These people treasure their spare time! If you have run out of fresh ideas for them, listen up. Because this voucher gives them spare time for things like sleep-ins, reading books, catching up with their favourite people and going on adventures. Clever, huh? Unexpected, absolutely!

If you have run out of fresh ideas for them, listen up. Because this voucher gives them spare time for things like sleep-ins, reading books, catching up with their favourite people and going on adventures. Clever, huh? Unexpected, absolutely!

The #1 reason why people hire cleaners is to buy back time – and isn’t time the most precious gift of all?

2. The person who’s had a stressful year

Pretty much everyone can relate to this as we look back on 2020 <3

But there are probably some people in your life who have done it a little tougher, whether they’ve lost sleep to a newborn, cared for a sick loved one or worked around the clock to support their family.

When you’re feeling wrung out, a caring gesture means the world. In fact, some recipients of our cleaning vouchers have been known to cry upon receiving their gift (so have some tissues nearby just in case).

3. The person who’s hosting Christmas

Let’s be honest, the person hosting you for a Christmas feast doesn’t need another box of chocolates or a bottle of wine.

They’ve spent hours shopping, cooking and tidying their home ahead of Christmas Day, and their kitchen is heaving with food and drinks already (not to mention that by the time Christmas Day rolls around, they’ve spent the month beforehand indulging).

4. The mum who “doesn’t want anything

Is your mum refusing to drop any hints about what she wants? And you really don’t think you can get away with gifting her another scented candle or hand cream?

Ahhhh mums, we love them to bits – but sometimes it’s hard to read their minds!

This year we have you covered. Your mum won’t see this gift coming, and she’ll be thrilled you put the effort into thinking of something different. So much so, she’ll probably carve you the best bits of the roast at Christmas lunch.

5. The person who has been talking about trying out a cleaner

We’re about to elevate you into a new realm of thoughtful gift giving. If you remember hearing a loved one mention they’re thinking of hiring a cleaner, gift them just that!

They’ll love your attention to detail, and the fact you’ve saved them the mental load of making it all happen. Our gift vouchers can be used for once-off general cleans, which means your loved one can try us with no strings attached

Why are house cleaning vouchers becoming popular gifts?

Because they are…

· Delivered in a jiffy (last-minute shoppers, we see you)

· Redeemed whenever the recipient wants

· A zero-waste idea

· They support local humans *heart eyes*

· Better than a vacuum cleaner (using that gift involves work)

What to write on the card

“We’ve taken care of this for you too, because the Christmas brain drain is real!”

“Here’s a symbolic clean slate for 2021.”

“There’s no-one more deserving of me-time than you.”

“Thanks for the Christmas food coma! Your oven is going to need this after that ah-mazing roast!”

“When life gives you lemons, you make sure your cleaner uses them to make your place spotless.”

“I was going to buy you another book, but that stack on your bedside table keeps growing! This will give you downtime to get through them.”

“Thanks for hosting! You’ve taken such good care of us, now let a cleaner take care of you.”

Starting to like this idea, but have some questions?

Never gifted anyone a cleaning service before? That’s fair enough – and exactly why this gift is such a hit… because hardly anyone knows that cleaning vouchers are a thing! (That means you can be the person this Christmas who comes up with conversation-worthy gifts.)

But it also means you’re probably wondering how it all works. So here are a couple of the questions we get asked most.

How long is the voucher valid for?

They last for 12 months, so there is plenty of time for your loved one to use it. That means they can either book a clean straight away, or wait until a special milestone to use it (just let them know to call us a couple of weeks in advance to book).

What amount should I buy?

The minimum booking for a once-off general clean is $94 (which gets you 2 hours of TLC). If you want specific guidance about how much will cover your loved one’s home, call our Mother Ducks and we can help.

How does the recipient book?

The voucher is sent to you, then the recipient can call us to arrange their clean. We will ask a couple of questions and then hand-match them with the cleaner who is the best fit for their home. The whole process only takes a few minutes of their time, because we’re all about making life easy!

Awww, now we’re all warm and fuzzy thinking of the special people in your life. Show them you care – because even if they don’t think they deserve spoiling, we both know they absolutely do deserve it!

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