There are three phrases that sum up the last month for us: kindness, generosity and delights from COVID-19.

Before COVID-19 came to be synonymous with 2020, we didn’t think we couldn’t be more grateful for our incredible customers and cleaners. But we were wrong because this last month has truly bought out the very best in people.

So we wanted to share a few heartwarming stories with you, because there has been a little too much focusing on toilet paper hoarding and not enough on the small acts of kindness and delights from COVID-19 happening every day during this pandemic.

We have been blown away by the kindness of our customers, and we want to pay it forward. By sharing the amazing things that have happened to us, we hope you’ll find ideas for supporting your favourite businesses through this time.

1. A supply run

As the country began shutting down, some of our cleaners were busy providing hygiene treatments, especially for people who were busy at work and had no time to sanitise their homes.

When one of our long-term customers noticed her cleaner had been busy, she made the effort to get her cleaner some supplies while she was at the supermarket. The care package included toilet paper (!) and was such a lovely thought. Who knew that 2020 would be the year when gifting toilet paper would become the height of generosity?!

2. Spreading the word

Some of our customers had to pause their service for two weeks to protect the safety of their cleaner while they went into quarantine. 

To make sure their cancellation didn’t adversely impact their cleaner’s workload, they spread the word to friends and family in need of a cleaner. And we have to tell you, there is nothing more powerful than word of mouth for a small business, and we were so grateful!

Happily, we’ve begun welcoming back customers who have been cleared from quarantine – while respecting social distancing, of course. (If you’re in quarantine and need some tips for maintaining a sense of order, check out this post on coping with mess when you’re at home 24/7.)

3. Paying it forward

Just this week we had a customer pay for a service he won’t be cashing in for several months. He was concerned his regular cleaning crew may be short of work, so he has paid for a spring clean to use when all of this passes. 

To see customers and crews caring for each other through this time has honestly been the most rewarding part of our journey so far. When we did our very first cleaning job, we could only have dreamed that our business would attract such good people from the inside out.

Ways you can support your favourite business

While we certainly didn’t expect any of this, we hope you find inspiration here for ways you can support your favourite shops and services…

And it doesn’t have to cost you a cent – an online review or recommendation to your friends is one of the most powerful things you can do!

We’ve also been flooded with messages of support. So even a quick check-in via social media will remind your favourite small businesses that they haven’t been forgotten.

Thank you for reading some of our delights from COVID-19, but most importantly, keep spreading kindness and being there for one another.

–  Rowena and Joey x